Lesson 33.5 – Buying DSLR Camera (SPECIAL FEATURES: GPS, WiFi, HDR, Multiple Exposure, Time-Lapse)

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This is PART 5 of the series about BUYING DSLR CAMERA

In this Part, we will talk about SPECIAL FEATURES: GPS, WiFi, HDR, Multiple Exposure, Time-Lapse.

These series of the videos were created to guide you through the main features of DSLR Cameras, you need to know about while buying a New DSLR Camera. Not all of them might be important to you, but once you know about them and understand what they mean, It will be much easier to make a buying decision.



Part 1 – Brand, Sensor, Lenses

Part 2 – BODY & BUILT OF THE CAMERA: Size/Weight, Weather Seal, Controls & Buttons, Pop-Up Flash, Memory Storage Slots, Camera Screen, Viewfinder, Focus, Battery

Part 3 – IMAGE QUALITY: Color Depth, Dynamic Range, ISO, Resolution.

Part 4 – PERFORMANCE: Speed, Shutter, Focus, Image Stabilization

Part 5 – SPECIAL FEATURES: GPS, WiFi, HDR, Multiple Exposure, Time-Lapse

Part 6 – VIDEO FEATURES: Focus, HD, External Mike, Slow Motion


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the wrath you are the special teachers I would like to talk about first of all some cameras can have GPS GPS automatically go tax your photos when traveling so you will remember the exact location where the photo was taken some cameras have built-in GPS and some can be used with external GPS device some cameras also can have a feature which lets you to connect your camera through Wi-Fi to your us devices if your camera can be connected through Wi-Fi it means it can be used with an app through the app you can sync organize added and download your photos you can also control your camera and use your phone or tablet as a remote monitor some cameras are also able to capture HDR images inside the camera if you don't know HDR combines multiple exposures to capture high dynamic range and we've talked about high dynamic range before it is a difference between the lightest light and the darkest dark which can be seen in the photo this is an example I took with my Nikon d50 300 this image was taken without HDR and as you can see there is a difference between foreground and background the background was the city in the sky is much lighter than the foreground which is in the shadow so pay attention to the shadow area now this is the same scene but this time I used in camera HDR function foreground which was in the shadow became much lighter and you can see more details and the light through the whole scene became more even so what in-camera HDR did it took several images with different exposures and sound were exposed for foreground sound for background and then combine them into one image and gave us more details so the conclusion is it is good to having camera HDR but it's not absolutely necessary because you can do the same by taking pictures with different exposures and combining them into one image in post-production there are several different software's including Photoshop which can help you to do that and you can get even better results some cameras also have in camera multiple exposure function with which you can create some cool effects as for example this image created directly in the camera as you can see there is two of me in one photo the way I created this image is by setting the camera to double exposure and by moving my position for each of the exposures here is another one in this case I just changed position of my hands this effect you can also achieve in Photoshop some cameras have interval timer and time-lapse photography option internal timer and time-lapse photography option in the camera lets you take images automatically at preset intervals it can be every hour every few minutes or even every few seconds with interval timer option the images are saved as individual files to the cameras memory card and can then be built into the time-lapse sequence in a special software on your computer on other hand with time-lapse photography option you can produce a single time-lapse MOV file inside the camera here is an example of time-lapse if your camera doesn't have those functions you can still create time-lapse with help of the device called intervalometer please click to check out the last part of the series about video features of the camera and don't forget to subscribe follow and check out my website easy – exposure calm

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