Leeco Le Pro 3 Revisited! 4K Video test/Camera review/ Worth buying in 2018?

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assalamualaikum Yoon Jae's welcome back peace be upon you here we go again and again and again porca video test with the liquor le pro 3 revisited updated again in 2018 so you can see by yourself I think this is the second time I'm testing this just a minute focus I think this is the second time I'm testing the smartphone in 2018 or maybe it's even the third time God knows but I just a little for myself because I need to test some games some apps and also obviously I need it for the speed test regarding new devices there we go that's come closer check this out look at these colors so natural it's not overexposed or or oversaturated but disclaimer disclaimer I am using an open camera app see in the sky gonna try to go with the focus now make sure to check my other sample 4k video test but wait the stock camera app this is regarding with the open camera app which you can download for free on Google Play Store a 4k video recording I'm gonna try to walk also and also charge the audio and the video quality all together by the way I'm not on a flat ground it is right now al bit Rocky coming closer up to the details beautiful beautiful again very beautiful man check this sound what a kind of quality it's impossible to find anything better guarding the camera and performance here let's check it okay there is close xiaomi redmi note 5 right now that that's what that's a win-win for sure man because it does have that epical he is it is slightly more expensive but of course this one i would put it in top five the liquidly pro 3 who has one of the best cameras in top 5 smartphones what was it like that their phone soon-im come on go ahead so let's just record a little bit cars honestly it's not even overexposed I don't think so or underexposed is just the sweet spot I would call it like that the sweet spot let me just go with the okay it's cloudy right now so I can't even judge it I don't have a lot of Sun looks so far so good man honestly it looks you could get it for $160 on the fleshy ideal right now the price that is higher you could wait or basically just buy it right now but I would advise you maybe to wait a little bit for $200 I would because there right now and the regular price on gear vests is $200 I would advise you to buy the xiaomi redmi note 5 which it is a better choice right now more updated and it does have dual cameras on the back bro and it's not powerful as the Snapdragon 820 but it is close I'm doing a 636 it is a great processor man great great processor I can check this out at least and out-of-focus issues with this come off in camera app is not that fast like with the stock camera app check this out that's not fast for me that's not fast bro again maybe it's because of the open camera app I did had it better out of focus fast out of focus with the stock camera app so like I said check my second sample because I did test this smartphone I had few of them adjust I had few of them so I already tested the camera a few times and I did upload 4k video samples so that's it you're gonna have the buying links below hit that like and subscribe if you want to watching me for the first time ninja is maximum

6 thoughts on “Leeco Le Pro 3 Revisited! 4K Video test/Camera review/ Worth buying in 2018?

  1. I have Leeco Le Pro 3 Elite for 3 months and it is best value for money! Also, pictures and videos from the stock camera app are a little bit better than other apps. A BIG TIP i accidentally found out! Stock camera app in video does not have autofocus. You can fix this by turning on and off the flash manually! When you start recording video turn the flash on and then off. It will take you 2 seconds and afterwards at the rest of the video you will have autofocus which works pretty good!

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