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Doing a review on my camera on what i dislike and like about this camera.

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well hello youtube Ian's how're you today well thank you for tuning in today's vlog if you're wondering what I'm doing today I'm going to do a review of my Kodak camera I got a last year for Christmas I'm going to tell you what I dislike about it and what I actually like about this camera and I use for my daily vlog videos now of course this is the company Q actual made this camera by Kodak and Kodak is no longer in business he went out of business a long time ago I don't know why it happens of course he'll is on the front of the camera this I was a last year's model you can get this like for a hundred or two hundred dollars a retail store of choice one thing I really just like about this camera is this lens cover heel this is a protective cover for the lens it pops on and off I think it's a good idea but I just don't like it a whole lot because consciously it will pop off when you were trying to put this in a camera back of course he'll is the bezel and oh so he'll is the lens itself it's a pretty nice size lens on it coolest is your OD a tail and also you'll flash it's on top is a manual up and down I kind of dislike that and of course here we have the actual microphone and speaker on the back of the on the side of the camera and also on top of the actual camera me put this annoying cap one is what model is this is the P I XP all OH a Z 251 camera this is what I use of course we have some own LD lights a little heel and of course you have your zoom and out your shutter speed and a couple more buttons your on and off switch across your scroll oil for different functions and stuff now of course this camera has no eyepiece when you use this in the Sun it's not going to look that good because you had to rely on the LCD screen now of course this is a fingerprint magnet of course I need to actually clean it I haven't clean it in a while actually at course you have some Allen buttons on the actual back of the camera but it's do a good camera I think it's a nice camera to hold but once in a while if you get used to it you'll actual like a lot one thing is it's a little bit fickle over here it has a very nice good on it when you have to actually hold it the one thing I kind of really don't like about this if I'm holding it like this and I had to use the zoom button of course the zoom buttons along go on be back now on the on side we have the USB in HDMI ports later akio this is HD 720p video not full high-definition of course we have some information on the bottom the tripod and the battery door and SD slot you sliding it's like this that you pull this to the side and of course this is where you put your four double A batteries all jewels all over batteries themselves and of course your standard SD called a slot heel for standard SD cards themselves if you want to use any type of SD card you can't actual do that I will show you right now I don't have SD card and le no but I actually do have one on hand and I'm going to pop on in kind of show you now let's take one of these standard SD cards of course it's not a micro mini that's the standard one and let's pop that in and close the lid now let's talk about functionality how does this look first of all you just own the camera one and you use the screen is your guide and of course it has the neck strap because this is not a foot of wall camera snap off cam and of course you'll code that glow gödel and of course the name of the actual camera itself now when the lens is out this is how far comes out if you want to zoom in do anything the lens will come out like this that's how far the one's comes out that's about it you can zoom it back out I hold in the same button in a course it has 25 X zoom resolution but not very good now when I take a picture I'm going to need to take a picture just only in the picture or phone okay pop that up if you can see it's processing the thing but I do apologize you can't quite see that it's a very okay camera and of course when you want the flash won't either stone pop up the flash and let's go back any does take a picture of what the flash on the problem is with the flash is a manual flash it's not a up and down it's like you just pull it up we've put it down but let's go to a video mode here the video mode on this camera is also 720p is well on this camera but I can actually take a video and works perfectly fine it's a lot clearer and a lot cool on this camera and it takes a while to process a video and of course the menu buttons see there's some of the photos on this camera is well but yes I think this camera is a good camera for seven day of use but not a very good camera for outdoor use but this does have some different modes for outside use as well if you choose to use this outside if you want where did I get this actual I got this from I go off on from Christmas but it's still a pretty good camera now one thing this camera also does not have eyepiece that's sudden I kind of don't like about this camera the eyepiece is no longer Dale because you had to rely on this screen and of course it's not a stereo microphone it's a mono mic on this camera as well but I think this is somewhat my view of my camera and what I dislike and like about this camera itself if you are so going to this channel please hit that subscribe button leave a comment down below please like old bliss this like this video peace out bye guys and go so I please see in the next vlog thank you for watching and have a very nice day peace out bye


  1. So ein Müll, die Kamerabezeichnung noch vorlesen! lesen kann doch das jeder! Kodak hat sicher die Kamera 2002 gebaut und vergraben, jetzt wurde sie wieder auf den Markt gelegt, ganz still und heimlich, ohne Klappmonitor mit Mickymous-Menü! die sollten das Ding lieber gleich wieder verstecken und keine Reklame dafür machen.

  2. Damn. I got this yesterday because I’m going on a trip to Russia soon and just didn’t want to use my grainy iphone’s camera.
    After reading some people’s negative comments about this, I am now wondering if I should return it

  3. This camera is junk and a huge waste of money. Takes blurry photos, the dial doesn't work right, keeps rejecting the camera card asking to reformat. When I ''say'' yes it comes back Card Error! I'm seriously disappointed!!!

  4. Hey can I ask you a question. Someone gave my man one of these and he has had it awhile and thinking about selling it. It was not totally brand new when it was gifted to him so what I want to ask is. ….. what all did it come with? Just the camera and the white cord for transfers pictures?

  5. this camera is pretty useless picture quality, the movie recording is better, but quality on camera is worst ive ever experienced, old nikon 3.2mb coolpix is much MUCH better, tried everything on the book, had photographer take a look and they just laughted, this camera is not sold in norway for a reason, bought in a supermarked in spain. tried to film a party for official movie, 16gb memory sd card went formating itself when full….

  6. This video sucks like af. You look bored, you're boring and no review about it except talking about useless things and details of the Kodak like seriously where's the video/photo quality review ? You look pissed off and you actually pissed me off unfortunately :/

  7. 1 don't do a video when your pissed
    2 grow up/ getting pissed isn't big or clever it does not turn you into a hard man.
    3 spending £60-70 pounds a night to get pissed just shows you need to grow up a bit more,
    I stopped drinking and I was saving £120 a week, still drinking I would have been in a dead end job forever
    now I have a house on the isle of man- and a horse farm in Castleger B.C Canada/ and that's with
    stopping pissing my money up the wall/  think about it, before it is to late.

  8. I got a canon powershot elph 160 and even though its better than this still want one of these because bridge cameras look like dslr cameras and they look cool and professional

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