JVC GY-HM600U Pro Video Camera

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Light, versatile and extremely easy to use, JVC’s GY-HM600U HD camera is designed for fast paced ENG—offering superb low light performance, a long (23x) wide angle zoom lens and wide file interoperability.

hello I'm Alan Rupert from JVC professional products company and I am here today at G&G technologies in Saddle Brook New Jersey to introduce to you the JVC Gy HM 600 you handheld camcorder the Gy HM 600 is the newest addition to the JVC Pro HD camera lineup it is also the first camera in the new HM 600 series by JVC as you can see the HM 600 is a compact handheld camera it feels very comfortable in your hand and is very easy to use so let's get to know the camera the first feature of the Gy HM 600 that your eyes are drawn to is the lens the lens is a fujinon wide-angle 23 times optical zoom lens in 35 millimeter equivalents the lens boasts a twenty nine millimeter to 667 millimeter zoom range the Fuji 9 lens is integrated into the camera and includes three separate rings to control zoom focus and iris the gy hm 600 is the first camera for JVC professional to include a 1/3 inch 3 CMOS sensor this is a full HD 12 bit sensor with native resolution of 1920 by 1080 the new sensor combined with the high quality fujinon lens enables the camera to achieve f11 sensitivity at 2,000 lux this sensitivity rating means the camera will perform exceptionally well in low light conditions the camera is equipped with 2 media card slots for recording the media used in the HM 600 is SDHC class 6 or higher or SDXC media cons the camera has the capability of recording in relay or series mode which allows for seamless recording from card slot a 2 card slot be for continuous shooting there is also a dual record mode which allows the camera to record to the two card slots at the same time for an instant copy or backup the HM 600 has the flexibility of recording multiple file formats it supports both mpeg-2 and mpeg-4 the mpeg-2 file xD km ix35 megabit per second broadcast format JVC has a unique ability to record this file as either a dot mp4 file or as a ready to edit MOV file this dot MOV file streamlines your workflow the native recording can be dropped directly to the timeline when editing with Apple's Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro the mpeg-4 file is the highly efficient AVC HD file at up to 24 megabits per second this means that professionals and broadcasters have unprecedented flexibility to meet production standards through a wide range of workflows the HM 600 supports recordings of high-definition video in 1080 at 60 I 50 I 30 p 25 P and 24 P as well as video in 726 TV 30 P 25 P and 24p standard definition is also supported at 486 TI when discussing features of a camcorder one cannot overlook the importance of design and ergonomics while weighing just over five pounds the cameras compact design allows the camera to be utilized in almost any situation the ergonomics has played a major role in the design of the Gy HM 600 the camcorders hand grip makes it very comfortable to hold even on long shoots and despite its extremely compact dimensions all the camcorders main functions are accessible directly from controls and switches on the camera body right where you would expect to find them these controls include a four position neutral density filter white balance and gain switch auto and manual focus and iris switches shutter and automatic exposure control and seven programmable user buttons these user buttons can be programmed with functions like focus assist optical image stabilizer low-lux color Boz and zebra markings to name a few the camera is equipped with a 1.2 2 megapixel l cause viewfinder the image is crisper and contains more detail than conventional lcd viewfinders there is also a high-resolution 920,000 pixel 3.5 inch flip-out LCD monitor mounted near the front of the camera the location of the LCD is ideal for various shooting angles in handheld situations connections on the HM 600 include HD SDI and HDMI outputs which are both live simultaneously this would allow a camera operator to have an onboard 7-inch monitor like the JVC DT X 71 mounted to the top of the camera while sending an HD SDI signal to an onboard recorder or to a blu-ray recorder like the SR HD 2500 the camera also has a timecode sync connection USB connectivity standard audio/video output a remote port utilizing two point five millimeter LAN controllers two XLR audio inputs and auxiliary input for wireless receivers and a headphone output the controls for the XLR audio inputs can be found behind the flip-out LCD monitor the audio levels can be set to manual or automatic and will accept the line signal microphone signal as well as a microphone signal that requires phantom power additional features on the HM 600 include interval record otherwise known as time-lapse recording for capturing sunsets pre record or cache recording which enables the camera to buffer up to 15 seconds of video so you no longer miss that critical shot and variable framerate record also known as over cranked and under cranked this mode makes it possible to record slow or fast motion video when the recording is played back at a different frame rate the last item I'll mention on this camera is the process menus in this menu you can adjust the camera's image levels and control functions like detail and black levels as well as the camera and matrix of the camera that will wrap up my introduction to the new JVC Gy hm 600 if you would like any additional information on this camera or any other JVC product please visit WWE TV video comm or call one eight hundred four to two to nine to zero and speak to a gene G representative thanks for watching

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