Is the Fujifilm X100F Good Enough for Wedding Photography?

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In the video I discuss my thoughts and experiences with the X100F to see if it is good enough for Wedding Photography. Will it be a good addition to your camera bag?

hi Nathan here from the photography team got a video here I just want to talk about the x100 f and whether the x100 f is good enough for wedding photography well as you're aware myself and Ben we've been using x100s alongside our X T 2's now for well over a year doing wedding photography is it's a capable camera ideal for wedding photography yes in our opinion it is it has the same sensor as the XT 2 which is a great ex trans sensor gives great image quality great in low light what I suggest doing a wedding with just an X 100 F no but working alongside X T 2's this is ideal this is great what we do is we'll have 2 X T 2's we'll use them for the main sort of proportion of the wedding and occasionally we'll just grab the X 100 F and you can get some lovely shots you can get a little bit more intimate with this it's not as as imposing as a big X t2 with a big lens on dance floor is great and obviously you know you can use the same flash systems as we use for the X t2 it's a great little camera great quality obviously you're not going to get the same benefits with the fixed lens here as you're aware it's a 23 millimeters too and Asli with our other cameras will shoot prime lenses so we can get a little bit of a very faster f-stop but you know when you've got when you've got the opportunity to get this out and get some you know get some shots with it they're great what I'm going to do now is I'm just going to go on the computer and I'm going to show you a selection of images that we've taken at weddings with this camera hopefully you can then decide whether the x100 F is a great addition to a wedding camera bag thanks for watching my name's Nathan and I'm from the photography team [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

10 thoughts on “Is the Fujifilm X100F Good Enough for Wedding Photography?

  1. Fujifilm has changed there camera lineup! The X-H series, the X100 series and the GFX series will be the high end line! All the others will be mass-cumsumer cameras!

  2. I was thinking of getting the new X-HI as the main camera for weddings however I've been was advised that the crop censors can be sluggish in low light. Your wedding images are superb!

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