iPhone 6s Plus Review 2019!! Is it still worth buying?

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Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus was launched in September 2015. But Apple is still selling the iPhone 6s Plus at a much lower price than before. And it is still running on the latest software and surely apple will support it in future and it will get the next major iOS update.
So with this lower price tag should you buy the iPhone 6s Plus in 2019?
Watch the video to find out!!

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hi guys welcome back recently I did a review of the iPhone SC which is the cheapest iPhone available now but even though it's the cheapest iPhone it's performance is still good and that takes me to this guide the iPhone 6s plus it was launched in September 2015 but still Apple supports it and it's running the latest software which is iOS 12 and for sure it will get the next major iOS update of Navy it might get the two major updates so the main reason why I check the iPhone 6s plus right now is that the price has gone down the pricing now is approximately 34,000 and Flipkart which is really less than what it was selling before to check whether it's worth buying I use the iPhone 6s plus as my daily driver and I focus mainly on things that matter during daily use which are the design this plate hardware and performance camera and the battery first let's take the design of the iPhone 6s plus the design of the iPhone 6s plus now looks at the eejit the main body of the phone is made of aluminium and the front as an ion strengthened glass which is resistant to scratches but since it's a really big phone it's kind of slippery and I will recommend a tempered glass screen protector and the case the iPhone 6s plus is surely a well-built phone there isn't any flex or gap in the construction I don't use a case for my iPhone 6s plus and for the color it's the gold one but it's held pretty well I mean there are no scratches or color fading here and everything still looks pretty neat these white and in alliance surely is are looking and for the camera even though it's protruding out a bit it's not as drastic as the new iPhones and one good thing here is that the glass used on the camera lens is resistant to scratches I can confirm this because I usually keep my phone on flat surface and still the camera lens doesn't have any scratches and for the buttons they're all metal and really tactile and still functions really well you also get the mute slider which is still working fine and you have the headphone jack which is becoming a rare breed nowadays and for the charging you get the Lightning port and also there is a single firing speaker now this speaker is slightly better than the one in the iPhone se but still for 2019 it's not a good one you can easily cover it and it's not sufficiently loud or clear and moving to the front that's where the design starts to look old there is this chunky bezel around the display and it makes the front look dated with the other competitions in the market now if you get the space gray model you'll get a black front panel which will look a bit more better in the front that is also the mechanical home button it is still functioning fine and it houses the touch ID which is the second-generation touch ID it's the same pressure ID used in the iPhone 8 plus and it's fast and reliable then there's the front cam sensors and the EEPs the earpiece is still a good one and if you make lot of cons this one works great so for the design even though it's not that striking and modern looking like the other phones at this price range and still gonna say it's good because of its well built construction and durability now let's take the display which is very important nowadays because for most of the people your phone is the main source for consuming media the display on the iPhone 6s plus is an IPS LCD display its resolution is 192 0 by 1 0 8 0 with pixel density or 401 well what I said here is just the spec but what really matters is when you see the display in person and about that I can see it's a good display the colors are not punchy since it's a LCD panel but the viewing angle is good and for a person who is not that picky this display is a good display now this also this 3d touch feature this is not something that you need but there are some cool functionalities which you can use with this feature you can use it to open the recently open act list or even use it to actually first mode in keyboard I use these two functions with 3d touch so overall for the display also it's a good display with really touch s just an extra add-on it's just not necessary but since it's there it's something that you can use next is the hardware and performance I'm surely not gonna bore you by saying the intern specification because most of you will be familiar with the specs but in case you still want to know it you can read it here but surely what I'm gonna say is about the performance and I can say straight away that the performance of the iPhone 6s plus is still good and I can still use it as a daily driver everything that you normally do like opening apps watching videos navigating through menus making calls etc are all smooth now there are some vocationally cups but that won't affect your daily use and surely it's still performing like a phone that was launched recently you won't have any issues playing high-end games now it takes some time to load these games but the gameplay is smooth and lag free so even though the specs on paper is not that compelling the performance you get from the iPhone 6s plus is good and one more thing is that since that I am is just 2 GB the background app killing is a bit aggressive but still they load pretty fast and for the hardware and performance I can surely say the iPhone 6s plus is still good so that takes us to the next big thing with just the camera the camera is where phones that were launched long time back fails so first let's check the rack camera which is a 12 megapixel shooter with F 2.2 aperture there is also a dual tone flash just next to the camera and it even has optical image stabilisation now for the shots that it takes it's good if there is good lighting the dynamic range is good for colors even though it's not punchy it looks natural and it has sufficient detail that's only if it's well lit when you take the camera in dose in artificial lighting or even if it's not that well lit that's where the camera struggles the shorts becomes greedy and it loses detail and overall when there isn't much light I'll say the shorts are average and for the video the iPhone 6s plus s main camera yep does good video and you won't be disappointed and you get some extra features like slow motion video and time-lapse so now let's take the front cam which is a 5 megapixel camera with F 2.2 aperture it can record video at 1080p 30fps and for the shorts here also the outdoor shots in good lighting looks good but the shorts in artificial lighting or with less lighting looks grainy and it's just average at the best and for the videos from front camera it's also the same story so for the camera it's a mixed bag if the shorts are capturing good lighting the shots are gonna look good and you will like it but if it's taken in bad lighting conditions or maybe taken indoors it's just average lastly let's take the battery for the battery the iPhone 6s plus I said 2007 50 mAh battery and I'm happy to see this phone is good – great battery life I used my phone a lot and it easily last me OD I usually start my day at 6 a.m. and use it throughout for watching videos making calls texting little bit of gaming and web browsing and with this usage by 10 p.m. my phone's battery will be approximately at 10% now one thing to note is that this is not a new form and the maximum battery capacity now is 83% so taking that into consideration I'll say this phone is good – great battery life some of the other minor stuff about the iPhone 6s plus is that yes NFC which can be used for a prepaid in countries which support Apple P then the vibrating and haptic feedback is done by the taptic engine which is better than the normal vibrating water it's a minor thing but you will notice it and it's still functioning well so after taking all this the main question like always this should you buy the iPhone 6s plus well the price tag of the 6s plus even though it came down is still pretty high and surely it's competing with top-rated Android phones like the oneplus 60 that makes this phone a very tough option to choose and for someone who is just looking to buy a new phone in this price range I won't recommend the iPhone 6s plus but for someone who wants an iPhone that that's majority of the things that the high-end iPhone do and don't want to spend more than 235 K I'll say the iPhone 6s plus is an option but then also if you don't mind the screen size you can go for the iPhone 6s this is selling for approximately 27,000 Indian rupees right now and Flipkart that's all for this video guys hope you liked it if so please do hit the like button please do subscribe see you again in the next video till then bye

44 thoughts on “iPhone 6s Plus Review 2019!! Is it still worth buying?

  1. Kitne ka liya bhai ye….jitne me tune liya hai na utne me 3triple cemra wala phone ata hai wo v acha se acha processor ke sath…..or wo v amoled screen ke sath ….lekin tmhare me to single cemra single flash hai …不不不不 iphone le to lete hai uska use v krte ho waisa bs baat hi krte ho naa不不不

  2. This is really worth to buy if you want to make an style statement on 35K price range. Love the camera, accuracy, sensor, futuristic design, battery and app management, this is simply awesome.

  3. Ya know the iPhone 6s plus and lower is not gonna be supported with iOS 13. So if you need a cheap phone OR you need and iPhone you can afford, go with the iPhone 7 or higher so you can have iOS 13 coming in June.

  4. battery back up details pa videon banao bhai main buy karna ka soch raha hoon
    100% battery main kitna time chalta hain heavy use main ?
    standby without any use battery decrese hota hain kya?
    plz do comments plz

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