iPhone 6: Camera Test

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A camera test of the iPhone 6’s 8MP camera, capable of recording Full HD video!

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hey guys what's up it's robert here with jtech apple and today we're gonna go ahead and take a look at the new iPhone 6 check out some camera tests some photos some videos and just overall see how the iPhone 6 camera performs now on the new iPhone 6 camera it is still 8 megapixels and has an aperture of f-22 but we got some new things like focus pixels which will help you focus each photo faster and will help the iPhone detect things that are farther away and closer and lets you get that quick autofocus now on the iPhone 6 we also see some things like exposure control which comes with iOS 8 as well as the ability to take faster burst photos you can take up to 10 a second now which is pretty crazy for a phone camera now all these tech specs don't really mean much unless the camera performs well and the iPhone 6 camera definitely takes a step above other cameras even though it's 8 megapixels it was able to capture some great photos here in Bellevue Washington as well as the Washington area in general I got some quick snaps and the colors were great the overall Christmas of each photo was fantastic and I just found the image processing on the iPhone superb now not only did the actual camera perform well in photos it actually did an amazing job recording video and I would even say that you can record some great family videos maybe even some more professional videos if you have the gear with this iPhone 6 camera and I just created a little clip for you guys to watch here and just a little demo of the slo-mo and the overall recording on the iPhone 6 now we're gonna go ahead and keep the music go in and play a little slideshow of photos that we got over the past couple of days so you guys can see the photo quality as well you now hopefully through these tests you guys can see what a great camera the iPhone 6 really does have and what great and excellent images it can take personally I'm not going to be carrying around a point-and-shoot anymore as I think the iPhone 6 can definitely replace one of those and I'll just have my iPhone 6 and DSLR with me because the photos on the iPhone 6 are really high up there and personally I really love the camera on this phone now hopefully you guys saw the same results as I did on this iPhone 6 camera test and definitely subscribe to Jay tech Apple for more iPhone 6 coverage we'll be doing a lot more camera tests and even some comparisons so I hope you all enjoyed thank you for watching and we'll see you guys in the next one

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