How to shoot VR videos with the Vuze camera

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Thank you Kathy and team for this great video, with tips and best practices on how to shoot VR videos with the Vuze camera. Got any more tips? Let us know in the comments below!

hi I'm Kathy and I'm holding the view 3d 360-degree camera the full human immersive experience that lets you feel like you're really there we're using a video we use is super excited and this short clip is going to get you a better successful shoot and a better understanding of how to work with you since you're using a camera with multiple lenses there are a few things you should keep in mind we're building increase weekly is important to keep your whole environmental month and the position and direction of your audience the first amaze difference between shooting is 360 and standard shooting is that instead of simply telling the story the camera actually puts the viewer in the story there are 30 main points of view for example this one is the participant point of view the camera actually becomes a participant in the scene would you like some sugar I can point of view is if you are point of view the camera is actually played to the side of the room so this is you can get a look at Holsey and the third point of view and my personal favorite is the selfie point of view make sure not to keep the camera too high or too low and always keep it at eye level the most convenient and natural way to hold the camera is that eye level like that the viewer feels as part of the scene and is more comfortable viewing it the views is not only a 360 degree camera but also a stereoscopic 3d camera the closer an object is to the camera the feeling of depth is stronger hold it so close though and it might cause an uncomfortable feeling between the eyes do this with me first like take your finger and bring it right up close your nose see can be a little uncomfortable because the camera is just like our eyes you know if you er need to understand the orientation of where he plays Oh see that's why I seem to be a minimum of 10 seconds if the scenes are shorter than 10 seconds it can cause a user to feel a little misplaced because they don't have enough time to get used to their surroundings they're always keep striving life yeah let's go it's possible once you finish using your used camera you'll get a separate video that will be stitched together into a 360 degrees C are the areas that are the corners of your camera are you stitch lines in the final video so make sure you're aware whether stitch lines light and avoid placing your main person or objects in those fish lines and remember in the areas closest to the camera the stitch lines are more visible thanks for watching and enjoy your creativity

15 thoughts on “How to shoot VR videos with the Vuze camera

  1. What if i want to charge it and record at the same time? It seems like 1/4 of the view will be blocked??? If you guys are working on a V2, please put the charge plug on the bottom this time!!! I wanted to use this for Rally racing (by wiring to car for power and swapping SD cards) but at 60min battery life it'd die before the race even starts!!!

  2. I've tried watching these vuze 360 recorded 3D videos through my gear VR headset and they are so blurry its pretty much unwatchable. So bad its difficult to make out whats going on! Am I the only one who thinks this? I was intending on purchasing one but having seen the quality I wont be now.

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