How to set up a DSLR Camera for audio sound recording using Tascam Dr-100mkii

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How to set up a DSLR Camera for audio sound recording using Tascam Dr-100mkii with a Sescom Line2Mic cable

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thanks for watching this video today we're going to show you how to set up a beginner ISM DSLR shooter set up with audio and a couple of things we're going to use with our system is we have an inexpensive audio technica lav mic here on ATR 3350 it's like 20 bucks got a little case for it we've done in that XLR adapter 1/8 inch to XLR to use that in here so that's for up close we pulled this out of our recording studio because it makes a very good overhead a mic for dialogue it's an acht octaver MK or MC oh 1 – you'll find these on ebay these are great condenser mics and since this can provide phantom power this would be is a good addition to our set up which we just found in our music setup most important you need a set column cable to go from here to the mic in on the Canon it takes the line signal and turns it into mic signal because the off-ramps on a Canon t3i sort of very poor so the audio you get is not good video awesome audio bad so use these to create capture separate audio which you can sync and you can send a signal here to help coordinate that sync which is a whole nother ballgame we bought a $79 Magnus VT 300 from the hol because it can hold though it's got a decent Dumbo head and it can hold like 15 pounds and it's inexpensive and light obviously the better tripod you can get the more expensive the better especially if you have all this stuff setup and wanted to fall down so we're going to show you how to set it up so we bought a and adapter here a shoe adapter to connect the dr 100 to a $7 inexpensive mic handle that has two two ports so we're going to put this up on the top and mount that there and then connect the cable so we'll show you how it's all set up and I was up and running okay so step one is we mounted an inexpensive um handle on here on the t3i we're going to go ahead and attach it to the top of this tripod so then we've got the t3i mounted on the tripod so we're going to anchor the tripod so we can go ahead and set up everything else we're not going to take our own shoe adapter and attach it to the bottom of the dr 100 and slide it into the shoe there we now have our dr 100 firmly attached you want to make sure it's secure on there especially if you're going to be panning or anything like that depending on what you're going to do so now it's securely on the holder so not going a little bit and you can see this nice little setup on the SLR here we're going to show you now where the cables go okay so now we're going to show you I'm going to connect this Escom cable which is very important you put it in correctly these cables are marked they're pretty short so they're about 28 bucks but go to says con-com depending on what you have and pick one of these up there's one specific to the zoom and there's one specific to the tascam so it's important that you get the right side it'll say on here line level and then the other side says camera so that's basic easy so you take your line out from the DL worked at whatever tascam or unit you have whatever audio recorder take your line out and then – camera goes into the mic port there we go so now that's securely NEC is pretty short that's why we use break them in using a tight unit and you can run a line on your mic line out of your XLR to your balloon into your lab or you can use your own board mics that come with the tascam so that's how you set up the cess comm cable which is pretty awesome um if you're going to be using a unit like this for long period time make sure you have extra batteries we have a cable adapter for it so we're going to set this up and mount power because we're going to run the camera for a long time so we're not going to use batteries so it's set up so that you can open it up you know you're going to take the strap up so you can open up here and monitor because it's a t3i so what we have here is now as an excellent video shooter you've got incredible audio capacity you've got your excellent video with the canon t3i and you're ready to shoot and start playing with audio and syncing um so again we have our guide track going in there sending out from the line output and we're ready to go so the only other aspect to this whole thing is that while you're shooting it's important that you have a decent set of headphones and by decent I need I don't know at least a hundred bucks worth of headphones so I wouldn't recommend if you're on a budget the sony MDR 7 506 is good there are plenty of them in the hundred dollar range that will get you good sound so that you can monitor while you're shooting from here your headphone out um we're going to get into syncing audio a little bit later so that's all you have it that's how you set up with DSLR for audio thanks for watching

12 thoughts on “How to set up a DSLR Camera for audio sound recording using Tascam Dr-100mkii

  1. Questions: 1-s Is there a longer sescom line2mic cable, that is pretty short? I am thinking like using the tascom up on a boom far from the camera, is there a cable this long? 2- you mentioned syncing, do you mean even though you are using the tascam mii as an external mic, do you still in post production sync the audio? THANKS A LOT. i AM planning to get a tascom to use out in the filed and indoor for blogging and i dont wich to buy the tascom plus an external mic for the camera. Do you see what i mean? thanks a lot!

  2. I need some help with the camera and digital recorder settings.
    I have connected my Tascam tascam dr-05 output to my Nikon D5300 mic input, the problem is that when I start recording with the Tascam dr 05 ouput volume un 30 or more and the DR5300 mic sensibility in 5 or more sound easily get distorted (saturation shows in the yellow end even red lines if character speaks a little lowder), but if I decrease the recorder volume or the camera mic sensibility the final video sound is too low.

    What setting should I use?
    Am I missing something else I should configure?

  3. is it same set up for the mark3 ?would this work with interviews? how close would they have to be? and do you have to use xlr leads? can you plug this into DSLR Camera? and a NTG 4+? is NTG 4+ better? sorry if that a lot of question not very good with tech trying to find out which is best for interview and outside

  4. if you plug it in DSLR will you have to press record on video and same press record on Tascam DR-100 and how do you sink it in will it give you to audio tracks one from DSLR and one from Tascam DR-100

  5. I just got a tascam dr 05 but don't know why i can't get the audio to record when I attach the DSLR chord to my nikon d5100… The audio mutes in the entire video when I try to record. Can someone walk me through what I might be doing wrong?
    (I thought it was self explanitory… just plug in the chord to the tascam & the camera… turn both on.. turn record on both… nothing it goes mute. ) How do you get the audio to record onto the video file?

  6. Hi i have a tascam dr40 I use for recording and a nikon dslr 3200 anyway sometimes i like to record with my video camera,is there anyway i can connect the dslr to the tascam so the camera uses its recording quality

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