How to save money when buying Camera Filters

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Save money by using step up rings!

or step down rings:

AVOID stacking adapter rings, get a 58-52 instead of a 58 to 55 and 55 to 52.
They’re cheap enough to where you can avoid stacking them.

hey guys in today's video zombies talking about step up and step down filter adapter rings these rings basically lets you use one size filter on another size filter thread and it could save you a lot of money as we are no filters can be expensive the Dodgers general starting good ones are around fifty dollars and you get you get up to two hundred fifty dollars for one filter or even more but there's these handy little adapter rings like this one is for the cannon kit lens the 18 18 to 55 it's 58 millimeter thread and I'm stepping it down to a 52 millimeter because I have a filter set based on that basically your school is on a transition 50 millimeter and here's another one this is mike cocina 50 millimeter which is a forty nine millimeter I as you can see I have an adapter is from 49 to 50 to it allows me to put this shitty two millimeter lens hood along with 50 millimeter lens cap the good thing I like about these hurts the range finders tell her if you look inside it actually has three sets of rings so it actually acts like a step up ring also it has 49 52 and 58 which I found in this lens doesn't really need a lens so since a song built in but I put it for aesthetic reasons and also because it lets me put on three sets of filters here i have another window here it's a 55 millimeter thread and i stepped it down to 52 million the the thing you want to watch out for when you're stepping up or stepping down lenses you just have to make sure that dr. filter you use is going to cover the front element of your new lens and it's pretty easy to do just pull up your filter imprint of your lens and if it covers the front element then it should work I'll show you example right here this is the 18 to 55 kit lens by canon it's 58 millimeter thread and this steps down to 52 when you put it on as you see it still covers the front element that's but you want to watch out for and let through look through the viewfinder inch and see began you giving netting but if it's modern and then the one you're stepping it up to or stepping it down to then it should be fine if you're stepping it up actually you don't have to worry about the front of mine because it should be bigger anyways guess when you're stepping it down you should watch out but have a set bailed on 42 millimeter so I so I built all my small lenses around that size and then saves me money instead of buying new filters I could just buy a step up ring which they're usually like between the dollar to three dollars right the most five you can find them on Joe some the number on the left will be the male size the one that goes into the lens and the number on the right is going to be the female which is the size you put the side you put the filter on but that's a quick tip on how to save money when buying filters and you could even swatch him you have a kid on a nikon to canon kind of cannon as a bunch of lenses on 58 millimeter but you FFF 82 millimeter will still cover the front of me so you could even swap just make sure the fryer lemon is my enough so that that the smaller filter will cover the whole thing and yeah it's pretty much it you have any questions just leave them down below thanks

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