How to remove lens from a DSLR camera – the easy way

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How to remove lens from a camera the easy way fastest

in this video tutorial I'll be showing you how to change a lens in a DSLR camera so this is the lens I'll be changing into this one so firstly you have to find the button which releases the lens from the case so the – here do that and should turn out that's the insides that's that now just put the cover back on to this lens put it away here's the second lens open the car go for this find find the metal strip copper strips and on the camera now what you have to do is put it behind so if you start here it should be flush with here and now turn until it clicks shut so mine clicked and now it's fully connected

16 thoughts on “How to remove lens from a DSLR camera – the easy way

  1. Thanks a lot…today I bought my first DSLR…I was struggling to take out my lens…the video was very helpful rather I would have broken it…Thank god!!! And thank you.

  2. There should be a red circle on the lense and one on the camera just line them up and it should go in then you twist. Some lenses also have a white square and so does the body, just line them up and do the same.

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