How to have cheap home security .A camera in your home,fully working for just £15.00

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The cheapest way of securing your home with this cheap camera that actually works .It is not a dummy camera. Don’t pay hundreds of pounds for complicated camera systems that require miles of wire and complicated setting up and in most cases , some one to install it all.My new website on DIY ,household repairs ,plumbing and heating is at, If I have helped and you feel like contributing to my useless pension then my Paypal account is [email protected] .Many thanks.Al.

I want to walk along to another Big Al's videos today I'm going to do a little thing on home security we've all been there looked at cameras and cinemates they are they're all a bit way WAY expensive proper home security systems got to cost you a lot of money so I was just looking around for a cheap alternative really and I come across this thing on Amazon and YouTube and I did actually fit two in makan I decide to pull the rear one out of these cameras because it was interfering with the radio so I decided I was wondering what to do with it really I was going to resell it when I suddenly realized a good use for it and if you've looked to home security cameras as I say they are very very expensive it's a it's a lot of work involved in wiring them all up so I decided that I would try and fix up this camera here now this this little device is a car camera so they call it a sport cam I don't know why they is it's got a little flip up thing it sticks to the windscreen another side of that may be a good option usefulness is as a security camera in home it's only 15 pounds which is cheaper chips now it's got infrared LEDs on the front which do function moderately well to see in really low light almost darkness and what I like about it is you literally just plug it in and leave it it takes any amount of cards up to 32 gigabyte SD card and it just rewrites over itself now you might be thinking well I could put a 16 gig card in there and get four and a half hours of quality video and it will go over itself and that in itself wouldn't be of any use I mean for burglar coming he was away cuz it would rewrite over but that was until I remember that there was a function on there that is just called motion detect and obviously in that setting on the motion detect setting we can actually set is just to do motion detects and obviously it would just do tiny segments that would only operate when it picked up motion so you could actually fit this thing up and let it go and basically it will only work when motion was detected so I'm going to use this as as a home security camera and you can set it up on the menu inside and there's a good little menu in there for I'll just put the camera down a second before pinging that back there um you can set it up there's there it comes is coming on it's not bad it's you can see around my kitchen there and to my front door is not a bad little camera and it's good enough if you had a break-in it will just click on and record silently so I'm going to flip this up now and you see where I'll fitted mine you just plug it in plug your USB comes all complete with that and I say if you don't use it for the car and you want to use a cheap cheap home security camera this is way to do it I think I'm going to put mine up there to show you where it is and just see you know so you can see what it's like really so I've decided on a position and I think always pass wise I misused it around the back that Boone's try to make an entry so I'm going to point mine down at the backdoor and just leave it plugged in and going so I've decided to put mine up there just up on the camera on the top of the cupboard there so it sort of out the way put it in between some jugs and stuff so it doesn't look too too obvious I'm going to camouflage you a bit more but few more bits and pieces around it so it's very well so in as it were and basically it points down at my back door and window which I think of the vulnerable points so there you are for 15 quid I think it's well worth the money you get a lead you get a car lead if you want to use it as a car crash cam you can and if you know you want to using the car that's fine but if you want to do it for indoors tube security is only works on a motion detect so all you need to buy is a camera which comes 15 quid all the way from China including a postage and also Yoshi the other thing you've got to buy is a memory card so you can get a cheap SD memory card the 16 gigabyte on Amazon I cost you about 10 pound 20 now so the 25 quid all in including a power adapter for this thing and USB lead you get a really cheap cheap security system for the home it's not the best in the world but for a price and I like to do things cheap that's me that's what we're all about here on ours YouTube channel is the cry get things done cheap and get it as you know a good product you can for a cheap price and that's it so from me and this little home security can there um that's it um get one I think they're great alright ok check out all my youtube videos direct and 33 thanks very much for watching

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  1. Hi Deen , the camera is called a sport camera and is £15.00 from Amazon , just type …car cams in the search bar and it is the top listed one. For info it is still performing well.
    Kind regards,

  2. We did the exact same thing in 2011 we have 3 inside and 3 outside I put the outdoor ones in tupplewhere boxes 3x8x4 inches I believe I put a little 12v battery and a 5 w solar panel in each one been on since we got them soon to be 2 years ago we they paid for themselves now because it recorded next door siphoning all of our our central heating oil al 1400 litres with a garden hose ( very awkward confronting them about it) .

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