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This week, on my wedding planning series, My guest William Adei, Creative Partner, Team1000Words, shares his top tips on How To Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Photos. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
If you are hoping for wedding photographs you’ll treasure for years, watch the video! πŸ’ƒπŸ½
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hello everyone and welcome to another episode of my wedding planning TV today I am excited to be here with Tim a dye of 10,000 words one of my favorite team of photographers in Ghana today we are talking about how to get the best out of your wedding pages now if you want to be able to look back at your wedding photos in 10 years 20 years and still relive your experiences stay tuned to the end of this video so the first thing that we want to go through is you need to select a wedding photographer who has experience in the kind of wedding that you want to be able to do now sometimes we know the pressure to save money or to choose a friend or a family member to do your pictures is always there but you know you really have to think about what is best for you select a professional photographer who has the right experience next thing you want to do that you want to be able to meet with the photographer before your wedding if possible phone calls Skype calls are great but if you are able to meet with the person you'll be able to kind of have the rapport which would be really great to have on your wedding after all photographers are humans too so the more you interact with them before your wedding the better the interaction will be on the wedding day point number three trust your photographer it is essential to trust your photographer they have been doing this work for a couple years most likely and they know how to get the best pictures in the best circumstances so don't worry about oh let me see what's on the back of the camera Oh am I looking ok here oh I might find no just trust your photographer and enjoy yourself on your date I feel the shade I feel it the fourth point is try to relax try to relax ignore the the cameras and just be yourself yeah relaxing is not only limited to just be in front of the camera but for everything that happens on the beach I know brides and grooms who on the phone from the beginning to the end oh it's my deck already oh has this person bought the cake oh what's going on or what's good and everybody who's coming to the wedding is calling the bride or the groom and it kind of puts you out of what you need to be able to then legates your phone and your communication to somebody else and relax on your wedding day and just remember that it's all about you and the love you have with your spouse so you better make a country yeah sidebar perhaps you should just hire a wedding planner number five is time time time now time is a very important factor on getting great photos on your wedding day you don't need to be rushing through your program like the whole world is chasing you one of the things you need to do is make sure that you have enough time in the morning or if it's in the afternoon to get your dress-up done get your makeup done for the groom to dress up and especially if you have a larger bridal party you are going to want to have a lot more time in the getting ready phase than if it was just the couple together without any best man or bride our part another thing about time is you need to have time to take pictures one of the mistakes I often see in many weddings is that the reception starts right after the wedding which essentially means that there is no real time to take pictures and then you always get the emcee or a family member calling and saying oh the old people are sitting down and waiting and everybody is waiting people haven't eaten and everybody gets dressed and you literally get no time to take pictures so you really need to consider time make sure that you space your wedding out in such a way that you do have the time to take pictures and not only to take pictures you have the time to relax as we said in one of the earlier parts the last thing about time is to be able to communicate the correct time lines to your photographer on your wedding day now for example if you're going to start dressing up at 10:00 and you taught a photographic to come at 7:00 a.m. because you don't want them to be late and you know how all these gonna time thing works and they actually get there at 7:00 in the morning they're going to be sitting down three hours doing nothing and they'll be getting tired and they may be getting a little frustrated because you lied to them so let's try and communicate well and the communication when it comes to time should cover the entire wedding so what time does the church service actually start what am I going to start the reception what time is it supposed to end so that everybody knows what's happening and if you're going to be working with good planner you can allow the planner to handle that information and they usually send the timetables out to everybody so that everybody can understand everything perfectly so that's a plus one for the planners I absolutely agree and in some of my subsequent videos I will be sharing some of the guidelines for planning your timeline for your wedding day to ensure that you have enough time for all of the amazing photos that you want to capture well number six is smile smile smile now I'm not saying that you should go to your entire day looking like this with a smile glued on your piece of paper cutie and then your face will be found at the end of the day no that's not what I'm saying but what I'm saying is that when your eyes meet the eyes or the photograph I feel free to smile those things will all be captured and will make your pictures look awesome at the end of the day I think that those smiles will really really really really help you to enjoy your day even more because you have that emotional connection to your smiles and you never know your pictures will turn out awesome point number seven be nice your photographer like we said at the beginning photographers are human too and you know when you're a nice video photographer and you have that friendship brewing the photographer is going to try and go the extra mile for you when things are getting hard they'll be there they'll be smiling with you and it'll be really cool for the whole day so even though sometimes you don't think about that as contributing to the photos it actually does we're going to move into something slightly more technical and it's about selecting the location for your wedding now you don't have to go to the most expensive places in the world to have good looking wedding for you one of the things that we find helps wedding photos know and is space now when you're dressing up in the morning some people like to dress up in their homes and that's perfectly fine but just make sure that you have a large enough room and if there's clutter around just move that out on the wedding day so that we can be able to move around get pictures from different angles and because a lot of people are going to be in the room that day hair makeup if it's a stylist for the groom their planner so many people are going to be around and so when you don't have enough space it kind of makes everything cramped so space is very important sometimes getting ready in the hotel is helpful because you also have the environment of the hood to take pictures in in the morning so just consider space and location for your church itself there's not too much you can do you can just hope for the best or if you have a garden wedding that helps as well but whichever location it is from your dress up to your church to the reception for the exclusives space is really really helpful another thing that is helpful is light having a room or an environment or a venue with a lot of ambient light is really good so think of large windows and so on that just makes the night true sometimes you can have rooms where the windows are small or the kitchens are closed and it kind of reduces the amount of light in the room and it kind of makes the pictures waste so the more lights the better so point number nine is to be careful of the additional photographers on your deal now what happens when we are shooting oftentimes is that you get members of the crowds whipping out their full strength to come to the front and take pictures you have about 30 different people with cameras coming to take pictures and so on really what happens is that you will never get those pictures and we will be blocked from trying to do our job so the best thing to do is try and get the MC to announce that people should stay in their seats or rather move to the sides to take pictures and let the official photographer do his work because at the end of the day it is the official photographer who is going to be giving you your pictures oftentimes everybody else will not they'll put the pictures in there what's up groups they'll put it on their Facebook pages but you're not going to get them and you want to make sure that you get the best pictures on your team and they may not even be the most flattering photos of you that is being shared around anyway so you might as well let the professional studio work the final point and one of the most important points is make sure that you make provision for food drinks and water for all of your vendors including your photographers you're going to be working really really hard all day to get you amazing photos and one of the interesting things that people forget about feeding when it comes to their vendors and the photograph is in it especially is that the entire event is going to be captured by the photographer and so sometimes what happens is that if all the guests eats fist and it is after all the guests eat that the photographer has the time to eat what usually happens is that by the time all the guests have finished eating your next activity is beginning and so if the photograph are also the videographer the same thing they eat after then you may end up losing out on some of the moments that you would have water captured so this brings us to the end of this video I hope you enjoyed it and we hope that you get the best pictures on your wedding day if you have any additional comments made please leave it in the comment section below and if you get to subscribe hit the subscribe button unless they're connected I'll be back same time next week bye bye you

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