How to Find your Photo Editing Style

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I’m sharing 2 tips for how you can find your photo editing style super quickly and grow a stronger portfolio and brand in he process. Remember that your style as a photographer will grow and evolve with time and that’s OK. These tips will help you to be more consistent even as your editing style may change.

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in today's video I'm coming to you with two quick effective ways to establish your photo editing style as a photographer so it can be a little confusing there are a lot of different styles and presets and overlays and Photoshop templates like it could just be a lot so these are two ways that I guide all of my students through on how to establish what is your style the first thing that I want you to do is gather all of your inspiration imagery so you can do this on Pinterest and you can just start gathering images that inspire you colors that you love textures that you love fonts anything that relates to you and your brand as a photographer gathering all of these things together visually is really gonna help you connect the dots and find patterns between maybe some common denominators of what you love and what you're drawn to or maybe you start to see some vibrancy of color you're very into saturated colors so you are gonna start to see patterns and one of the best tips that I have for you as you're gathering your inspiration and finding images that you are drawn to is to not pin or gather too many images that are just other photographers work try to get out of the world of photography for a second what are things that you're drawn to that are not just photos I want you to ask yourself why you're drawn to these particular images then you can ask yourself what do you want people to feel when they look at your images then what are some of the common denominators within your board have you decided that you're really drawn to matte images or vibrant images or maybe lots of black and white make sure that every single thing inside of this inspiration board lights you up it gives you inspiration it brings you life they're images that make you feel something or colors or architecture or typography so not just images these are things that mean something to you they don't have to mean something to everyone else but they need to mean something to you during this exercise you're going to find you're drawn to certain colors or textures or patterns over others and it's going to give you insight as to what your unique style is the second tip and this is absolutely crucial when you're first starting out is to only edit with one color and one black-and-white preset for as long as you we can why because you're going to get overloaded and bombarded with a million options if you're using presets and settings that are just wonky and everywhere or making up your own for every single shoot you need to have one set criteria that you edit all your photos through now you're going to make adjustments to your images specifically for each image right but you need to have that base preset so that all of your images start to look consistent I want you to remember that it's okay to play around with different editing styles and pivot or try something new in your business but the best possible thing that you can do for your business and for attracting people to your brand as a photographer is to be consistent so I want you to stick with that one preset rule for as long as you can only using one preset is also going to force you to only use the presets you love the most by choosing and forcing yourself to choose just one color preset you're going to end up with your favorite work if that makes sense so make sure you eliminate all those other distractions and options picking only your favorite color preset and your favorite black and white preset you can create your own presets too guys so you don't have to go buy them if you go into Lightroom and you make some adjustments that you love and you want to save them you can actually save it as a preset watch this tutorial really quickly here and I'll show you how right so I'm here inside of Lightroom right now and just as an example here's an image that I've already finished doing some edits to of myself and if you look at the top of the page here under develop you can click new preset and this new preset could just be my like standard color preset and you could put it into a folder new folder name it something else this is really cool because you can unchecked certain things on the preset or you can check everything so you may not want every single thing to be checked off like your white balance for example is something that you may not want to have the preset adjust for you that's something that you're going to want to do for each and every image but the rest of it is things that you want to save so this is a great way to save a lot of time and get a lot more consistent with that color or black and white peace I would love to see what Pinterest boards you guys create or what inspiration boards you guys create for this exercise send them to me in the photo boss Facebook group you can join it via the link below and I just can't wait to see what you guys come up with I'll see you guys next week bye guys

24 thoughts on “How to Find your Photo Editing Style

  1. In the process of creating my style. Realizing it doesn't happen over night, but learnt some super helpful tip, making the mood board of my liking. Cheers for that.

  2. Super AMAZING advice. You've become my favorite YouTube photographer, specifically because of your real-world business-y kind of advice.

    Other YouTubers who try and answer this same question really just end up on "don't worry about finding your style, you'll figure it out eventually. It'll just come naturally" and I'm like THAT DOESN'T HELP ME lol

    So thank you for being here. You're wonderful!

  3. I love your videos! I live in Maryland as well and I wish I would’ve seen your videos when I first started. I first started out as a bright, vibrant style but the film, dark and moody style was something I always gravitated towards but I had NO clue how to achieve it.

    Now I finally have it and I’m SO excited!!

    Thank you so much for your videos!

  4. Love all of your advice Joy! My background is in brand marketing, so I totally agree with establishing a consistent look. I am drawn to so many different editing styles though, and I want to stick to a timeless style vs something that is trendy right now. I’m loving the dark and moody style but i also love the light and airy, too. So i plan to take your advice to see what I’m drawn to about design in general. Starting a Pinterest board as we speak 😊😊

  5. I wish I had this video when I started out. I feel like my work was super inconsistent when I started and it was so frustrating comparing myself to other photographers who had an established style. The biggest hurdle for me was to try and stop comparing my style and my feeds to other photogs. It's great to draw inspiration from others, but it can be a catch 22 when you put too much stock into the me vs. them mentality. Recently, I've created my own presets that really highlight what makes me feel inspired when I shoot, which is warm, bright images with a little more shadow and saturation to the colors to bring out the natural beauty of the original image.

    Another couple things that have helped me establish more consistency was to shoot with the same white balance and shooting at a fixed ISO. For white balance, keeping it on the same Kelvin temp helps with making the same adjustment to the images in post production. And with ISO I know that shooting in auto is necessary sometimes when you need to make quick changes, but if you keep a set ISO I feel like the images look a lot more consistent and are easier to process than trying to get the brightness, shadows, highlights, etc to balance properly when the ISO is the same for each location. Obviously you'll want to change with the lighting, but if your lighting stays the same it's easy to stay at a fixed ISO to make your job easier later on.

  6. I find it really hard making everything look similar in style. One thing I need to work on. I love your Insta feed, but I also love bright vibrant colours too 🤔 something I need decide on I think. Thanks for video x

  7. Do you have presets or have you shared what you use.  I like the look of your photos.  To me they are very light and airy, which I am drawn to, hence why I was drawn to your photography.  Just curious if you have any suggestions or if you share that information.  Thank you for all your videos they are very informative and helpful.

  8. I’ve definitely become a light moody editor ! I found a preset that fits with every shoot I’ve done and it always comes out airy, moody and beautiful. I always stick to that and the same black and white preset . I do more vibrance than saturation too

  9. To me, the best things I have done for consistency were 1: making one preset of my own (well, one color and one black and white) as a starting preset and adding it as my import preset (mine brings my images to what they look like when I see them in my camera screen). 2: I also wanted my images to be clean, classic and timeless, so I opted for no crazy effects, including matte, color tinted or anything that we would not see in real life colors.

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