How To Find Your Passion – Why You Have No Passion & How To Fix It

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How To Find Your Passion – The process of finding your true life passion explained in detail.

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Many people plod along in a career they are at most lukewarm about. Perhaps they picked it when they were young or inexperienced, and it didn’t prove to be all they’d hoped it would be. Now, they just “survive” because they don’t know what else to do, and they assume falsely that “It’s too late for me.” It’s never too late to discover your passion.

The price paid for lack of passion is high indeed, especially to the worker, but also to the employer, and the consumer. Poor quality control and substandard customer service, stress, health problems, and addictions, can all result from lack of passion. Is that any way to work or to live?

So change it. Many people don’t know what they want to do instead, but don’t let that inertia keep you stuck in an empty career. Explore your options — talk to friends, relatives, strangers. Research career resources. Try something different. Commit time to finding the career that will light your passion for the rest of your life. The rest of your life, and the people in it, will thank you.

hey this is Leo for actualised org and in this quick self-help segment I'm going to tell you how to find your passion hey all right so let's crack into this and this is a favorite topic of mine is living a passionate life that's what I'm about that's what I want for you guys so let's really dig into some of the details of what it takes to find your life passion now if you're looking at this video then you do not have a life passion and most people do not have a life passion I would say 99% of the population does not have this part of their life handled and they are missing out on so much so first of all realize that your normal you're kind of in where most people are second of all realize that it takes time and effort to find your passion your passion does not just come and land on your lap by accident very very rarely does that happen passion is something that you need to think about something you have to work towards and something that is also worth putting the energy into finding all right this is critical because I find that most people do not have their passion for this reason you know why it is it's because it actually takes some work to find your passion and they they they have an intuition that it's important to do something that they're passionate about but then they realize and we're see that it actually is going to require some work or some action in the real world to to figure that out and then they forget about and they say well yeah but I'm not going to go do that I'm not going to go do this I really am NOT going to do the work to find my passion I just want to fly my passion just give me my passion what's my passion right now I'm going to find my passion and I'm just going to go and do it and that's the end of it and then I'm never going to look back at this question again and with that attitude this attitude where they expect it to be easy effortless totally they never find it because it does take some work it's kind of like saying give me a six-pack I want a six right now you can't have a six-pack without the work you have to put some work into it but here's the silver lining the silver lining is this the silver lining is that it's so goddamn rewarding it's so powerful to have actual real passion in your life and you don't probably even know what that really means what it feels like to have real passion for your life it's so powerful that it's literally worth spending years of your life to finding your passion it's literally worth it I would say that it's worth almost anything sacrifice whatever you got to sacrifice sacrifice the TV sacrifice your your bank account whatever sacrifice whatever you got to sacrifice to find your passion it's super important because the quality of your life will just go through the roof when you figure this part out I spent five years five years alright so don't tell me that it's hard for you I spent five years and I'm still working on it on my own passion that is okay so enough of the ranting let's get into how this really works so what is passion really about here's the core of it passion is about authenticity to know what your passion is this is something that you partially discover partially create so discovery and creation the problem is that you really have no sense of identity right now you don't really know who it is that you are because if you did know who you are then your passion would be completely glaringly obvious to you and you would not be able to ignore it it would in fact be driving your whole life the problem is that you're inauthentic you've been conditioned by society parents lack of education limiting beliefs that you got from your friends and maybe you even developed yourself and so you have no authenticity to you you are not really in touch with what you truly love and truly do not like and so a lot of the things that you're doing in your life right now are actually things you should not be doing and you think they are important but they're not really important they're important – you're in authentic self but they're not important to your authentic self this is a very deep idea I'm going to talk about authenticity in many other videos so you'll be you'll want to check those out for more on authenticity but this is just kind of setting the foundation here for our discussion is that you don't really know who you are so if that's the case and if you did know who you were then you would have instant passion then what do you think the solution here is what do you think the ultimate solution is to finding your passion right it's finding out who you really are and developing a very strong sense of identity now that doesn't mean ego in a sense you are going to be building up your ego but also it's kind of expanding your horizons and just living like exploring exploring is important and I would say that the bottom line for why you do not have certainty about your passion or maybe you don't even know what you could possibly be passionate about is because you have too little life experience you've locked yourself away in your closet or in your bedroom or in your office or in your relationship or at your job you've locked yourself away into a little bubble this hermetically sealed bubble from the rest of the world and you are so focused on that that you've got your blinders on you've got your blinders on and you don't see what else is out there maybe you were lucky that the first thing you saw when you had those blinders on was something that you really loved and it somehow just coincidentally aligned with your authentic self and in that case you probably have a purpose right now and that's why some people naturally have a purpose cross into purpose is that they just kind of fall into it but most of us don't get that lucky most of us have to go out there and do some discovery work and this is an iterative process so by discovery work I literally mean whatever job you're working at right now if you don't like it you know it's valuable to know that that's a valuable piece of information okay you don't like your current job good I mean it would have been nice if you would have found something you loved right off the bat but don't beat yourself up for for not having done that because it almost nobody can it's too hard what you got to do is you got to explore around in the workspace you know what kind of jobs are out there have you tried five even five different jobs how do you know what you're going to like it what you don't like until you try it it's almost like this is a I think a very app analogy is if you're just let's take someone who is just born into the world and imagine they kind of grew up I don't know how they grew up but they just kind of grew up on an IV right they were fed through an IV they never ate any food and then now they're fully grown human being and we take them to a restaurant to this Grand Buffet I live in Las Vegas we have these grand buffets here we take this to this ridiculous buffet of buffets where you could have everything humanly imaginable from seafood to lobsters to steak to to caviar to whatever you want breakfast food it's just like desserts it's all lumped it's like anything you want it's there and it's all delicious and amazing and also extremely unhealthy but let's take that Sud take that point in another video we'll talk about that so we'll take this person to this buffet and now this person he has never ever ever in his life eaten anything so he doesn't know what anything tastes like now you asked that person go pick one dish just one dish you only have one dish to pick go pick that one item from the whole buffet and be really passionate about it like really love it fall in love with it is that is that going to happen how is that going to happen it's like I'm telling him to go and pick out his favorite food when he hasn't tried any food yet it's not going to work because he hasn't he hasn't sampled it you need to literally start to treat your life and life in general as a buffet with all this variety out there and what you got to do is you got to do a little bit of sampling now of course this doesn't mean you have to go quit your job right now there are smart ways to do sampling there are smart ways to do this in life so this doesn't literally mean that you need to go and have five very different jobs practically that's that's challenging to do it's challenging to go be an engineer then be a doctor then be a lawyer then be a politician and then be an artist you can't realistically do that but what you can do is you can start testing the waters this is where it has what have to do become smart and this is where the work process comes in so if you're working let's say as an engineer right now and you found out by working at an engineering firm for a few years that engineering is dry it's boring it's not really your passion something about it is rubbing you the wrong way okay so that's fine so you know that's not where you're going to end up in the long run that means that you need to now start thinking about what else you could be passionate about so you have to start to ask yourself what is it about this place that I'm in right now that's rubbing the wrong way because there are hints there and these hints are very powerful so we can look at those hints and we could say okay so engineering why don't I really like engineering well the two biggest things that don't like about engineering are because I sit in a cubicle too much and I don't get to interact with people let's say that's that's item number one is that I'm just too isolated and I feel myself coming alive when I'm talking with people I feel myself coming alive when I'm in a group meeting but we just as an engineer we don't do that enough we don't have enough meetings and most of my work is just sitting at a computer punching away at some spreadsheet or drawing some schematics or whatever so that's problem number one and maybe problem or two the thing that I really don't like is I found out that I don't really like working for a large corporation like I've been working in this company of 10,000 people and our division has 300 people in it and my boss is overseeing a team of 50 of us and all we're all working on this one project and just don't I don't like working in that kind of environment so those might be two things that you don't currently like about engineering now those are valuable so you can now use those two intelligently decide what your next test in life is going to be so you're testing stuff out right this is almost like being at that buffet and you go and you say you know what I'm going to start with seafood let's see if I like seafood I'm going to go take a shrimp and I'm going to try a shrimp so you try that trip and you say you know what I don't like seafood it's kind of like I don't like the texture of it it's slimy it's raw I don't like this like I don't I don't like the the seafood like flavor the this the smell of the sea in the soul I don't like that I don't like the sweetness of like crustaceans and shellfish okay fine so that means the next time you go you shouldn't you shouldn't grab another piece of seafood you shouldn't grab some salmon and you shouldn't grab some some octopus instead go and do something else try a steak totally different right try a steak maybe you're going to like a steak or try a salad try some vegetarian dish maybe try a dessert so it's kind of like with life is you don't like the engineering thing okay now what would you like that is gonna is going to honor more of your your natural authentic getting back to authenticity your authentic desires so here with this engineering example is the engineer actually finds out that he's more of a people person he wants to interact more okay so he needs a job where he's talking with people a lot and working with them collaborating he also doesn't want to work in a very big corporation so maybe he wants to either start his own business or he wants to work in some sort of small start-up environment where he has more more more autonomy or maybe his voice is being heard more where it's a little bit more creative type work so those are those are now two things that you can go find in some other job and so what you do is how you go and you find that other job you try that and you see how well did you do maybe you're going to get it maybe going to get on your second attempt maybe you won't if you won't you'll still learn stuff so don't get butthurt about this you're gonna learn even more because now you're going to refine it even further now that Engineer let's say he's working in a company that's small to startup and he's actually working with people but now he discovers something else he discovers something else about himself that doesn't like he doesn't like working for a boss or maybe what he really finds out he likes is he likes the part of working with people where he gets to teach people and he finds out that in this company that he's working on right now he's working with people but he's not in a mentor role he's not able to teach them so now he's to go and he has to align his life with that so it's this alignment process that you go through this is what really you need to do it's an experimental model this is an iterative model you iterate iterate iterate now of course the warning here is that this requires development right this requires work this is not something that's going to come about easily for you you're going to have to I mean think about this switching jobs switching a couple of jobs if you do that within the span of a few years it's going to take a lot of energy from you it's going to cause a lot of stress and challenge you're going to have to really be up for that but what's the upshot what's the what's the silver lining of all this it's like we talked about its having passion it's so important I really want you to believe and buy into this idea that if you could just find your passion in life then so many of your problems in life will be resolved just automatically they'll dissolve your money problems will dissolve your relationship problems will improve your lack of energy to go to the gym and do other stuff will improve once you have passion that stuff starts to spill over so this is really powerful so the general idea here is that you want to be exploring more in your life I find that too many people are just living in a little box in this little box that confines them and that keeps them from really discovering who they are so let me quickly rattle off a list of ideas for how you can discover who you really are these are some of the best ways to do it one is to read be a voracious reader and read on a diverse variety of topics to go to college get a nice well-rounded college education where you experience all the variety of college has to offer number three travel traveling is really powerful travel to as diverse places as you can travel within the country but if you can travel abroad travel across the whole world and see how much of it you can soak in the more you can travel and see what the world has to offer the better the next is we already talked about really covered in depth is try different jobs that can be a really powerful way maybe you want to spend the next two years just jumping from job to job job just to experience them not to commit to one but just various the the full buffet out there another one is live in different places don't get stuck living in the same little town or even the same big town your whole life this is very this is very much restraining you from finding out who you authentically are meet new people this is also very big when you meet new people they give you new ideas they inspire you they share stories they share their jobs if you want to really learn about which jobs will work for you and which ones won't probably the most efficient way to do that because it's hard to actually try all the job yourself is talk to people who are immersed in those jobs and just talk to them and pick their brain and doesn't take long even pick someone's brain for 15 minutes and find out very very quickly if you're asking the right questions whether that job would sit well with you if you were doing it right so you can talk to people this will happen naturally while you're traveling which is what's nice in living in different cities that are going to interact with new people make new friends break friends and you're going to just is going to be it's gonna be powerful you're going to start to discover what you like and what you don't like and the last thing is more generally just try new things be open to new things eat new food listen to new music explore new websites on the internet try new TV channels that you haven't watched although you should not be watching TV you know read a new magazine read a new type of book go to a new type of place go to somewhere you've never been to before so when you do these things stuff will just start to pop out at you you'll just start discovering what you don't like about all these things and the things that you do like and then the last one which is super super powerful is spend time by yourself alone spend long periods of time just by yourself in isolation this is very important because it gets you in touch with your higher self your authentic self ideals will start bubbling up to you and when that happens you know I almost find that it's necessary this is necessary if you want to find your passion unless you're extremely lucky you need to go out and explore like we've been talking about but then you also need to spend time by yourself just quietly in isolation maybe with a journal or maybe not just sitting and thinking and stewing in the experiences that you've had and thinking about them and asking yourself questions questions like what I really like about that and why did I like that and what about this thing here rubbed me the wrong way and why did I really not like that why do I like this type of person but not that type of person what do I really love about life what irritates me about life what am I already doing that I'm that I'm very passionate about as like a side hobby how could I make money out of that it's these kinds of questions that you want to be asking yourself and this is not something you do once this is something you do consistently like I said an iterative process okay so those are my thoughts quickly on how to find passion I have a lot more and each one of these points can really be blown and expanded and we can really get in depth on each one of those and I'll shoot more video on that but for now I'm wrapping up this is Leah I'm signing off go ahead and post your comments down below and of course please like us and share this so that other people get the message and they can find their passion that's what we want is a passionate world for everyone and then of course if you're really serious about this you really want to feel the passion in your life then you got to go and check out actualized Oregon sign up to our newsletter there when you do you're going to be getting weekly free updates we don't spam you or anything like that and then you also get some really awesome bonuses for signing up but really the reasons you got to do this is because the whole point of actualized org and what I'm doing with you guys is I'm trying to get you more passion more engaged with your life and to do that I found that this is not something you do in in one day it's not something you do by reading one book this is something that you have to work towards there's something you have to commit yourself towards and if you sign up and you follow along with what I'm sharing you guys I'm committed to giving you the the understanding you need the big picture I'm drawing the very big picture that very few people out there are drawing for you it's going to help you understand life it's going to help you master your own psychology your own abilities it's going to help you understand who your authentic self is it's gonna help you tap into that that takes some work to do but Wow when do it and you're on you can just getting on the path to doing it you start to see the results you start to see the benefits and it's so powerful it's so amazing I can't even convey to you how amazing this is so sign up because it's free why would you not want this everyone should want this sign up for free on the newsletter you

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  1. I'm confused about studying to be a doctor or become a graphic designer… because I really have to give time to only one of it …I don't have much time left to decide what should I do…I like both of them …I like reading human and I like making new creative graphic ideas too…which one should I choose?

  2. I’m really passionate about cannabis, but it is illegal in my country (UK)🤦‍♂️ I wanna make my own money and not work for someone else, especially someone who just looks down on us because they’re making more money and feel like they have power over us. How can I do something with my passion and make a profit from it if it isn’t legal in my country?🙄

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    "I'm 51 and I feel like I'm too old for anything" to which 23 people replied.
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    Boo hoo Hecker, boo hoo.

  4. I know what my passion is, I knew it my whole life, I know that it's about creating new technologies but it scares me to death…. Because mind is a bunch of limiting believes that works against my will. I'm not happy in what I'm doing and I'll never be happy if I didn't dare to do the things I'm ment to. My life feels empty I really wanna heal but I don't know how.

  5. Leo, i love your videos!
    i'm from Brazil and i usually try to improve my English comprehension at the same time that i improve me like a person.
    keep doing your content and sharing with the world. We need more deep content like yours.
    Thank you!

  6. I'm so fucking tired of these inescapable catch-22s. I can't find energy to do shit because (for me, great dissociation, anxiety, depersonalization, and major depression) a lack of passion and a lack of passion because I lack energy. SO, in even IF I can find a "passion", there is no direct correlation (it seems) with me and that action. In fact, I freeze because my brain will beat the shit out of me for even trying. I'm feel so fucked. With that said, it's apparently not in me to keep trying. So, I guess there's that, for better or for worst.

  7. no matter what you are passionate about, I think its important to remember that success in life is always going to require hard work and you hustling your ass off. Nobody is special. going to feel stuck and wanting to give up at times, but remember that failure is only permernant when you give up. Micheal Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

  8. It seems like the biggest issue with people is that they are fighting ideals and old standards of work etc. We were told to find a job, any job and grind whether you like it or not, then retire, try and enjoy the last twenty years of your life, then die. We are so attached to these crappy jobs that we feel guilty when we quit even if it is harming us mentally. You have to get an attitude that you only have one life and it is quickly passing. Only you can make yourself happy and the job will be ok if you quit. Employers fire and lay people off all of the time and its no big deal. They do what's right for them ALL OF THE TIME. Do what is right for you. You have to take action and get our of your terrible situation now. IT WILL TAKE WORK!!!

  9. It's never too late to mindlessly switch between interests to realize that, everything is going to be boring at some point, without ever developing mastery and gaining true reward and true passion. Sure just keep looking for it.

  10. What if my passion wont be my job? I will live double live – the one i love and the one I hate but is important to live because only then I can live the part I love. Dont know what to do.

  11. Thank you Leo, you are sweet by telling us the development curve and the situation what most people face, I thought I was a failure that parents choose the the wrong subject for me that I don’t like about, I served as a bank teller and it really tortured me, I went abroad to study postgraduate program but after that I still can only find jobs in a bank doing meaningless things, meanwhile I am interested in psychology but the society doesn’t have many roles for it, I like arts but it’s too far away from business society and I don’t get one day training, the finance requires really high standards and I can’t reach out ( I am not so talented anyway) I thought my life is really a mess only from career point of view, not to mention relationship. But I think you are right, people who find their passion in the early years are really lucky, but that’s rare, majority of people need to explore constantly and try out, that’s normal. And things don’t happen in a sudden, we should take baby steps toward the place that we want.

  12. Hi there Leo !
    thank u for everything 🙂
    I'm searching after my passion for about almost 4 years now
    and I'v notice i have trouble with dicading wich intrast to do first among all of my instreses list !
    and its the issue i think is the most blocker for me
    I will sensirly appriciate your advice for me about that

    with love ,
    Revi 🙂

    [email protected]

  13. I am so sorry that I have not known that valuable process for the life passions before. My passion today is from my sadness that requires some ways to let it flow out as quickly as I can, that is writing so this is the passion for solving my problem not for income. It is just a wonderful ideas that comes to me maybe too late, I think.

  14. So I have no passion, no goal in life. My passion was finding true love. I have that! I had a goal in life to get a job where I currently work! Now I can support my family. Finding out who I am has always escaped me. I try things that I have an interest in and then I lose interest quickly. I have lost interest in everything except love. And now I have that and have a great amount of passion for my wife, I just can’t seem to find that thing that drives my financial/materialistic passion. It’s as though it has been empty my whole life! What would be a way to break that?

  15. Going to college taught me to be more responsible, do the work, attend the classes, stick with it until completion.But I didn't get any better ideas what I might be interested in.A liberal arts degree just didn't bring with it any discovery.I found it by taking a chance to try to learn things I didn't think I could ever learn which got me into electronics then building small guitar amps.I discovered I like making things, learning how to do it.Then I got into rebuilding carburetors.I know I really love those things but I haven't found out a business idea where I can build,assemble and actually make a little mone.

  16. I love cars, and everything about them.
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    sit here because I don't have any money because I don't have a job because I have no social competense what so ever

  17. I’ve been a “self-helper” since I was 16 (& I’m 45 now 🤫) I Love it. It’s taught and done wonderful things for me in my life but I’m still an everblooming work in progress…and I’m thrilled with that. The last thing I want to ever be is close minded and “stuck in my ways/my way or the highway” type of person. I’m fully enjoying your vids and your calm voice as well. Thank you for your time for all us that are beyond thirsty in our pursuit of doing and being better than yesterday ♥️💐♥️

  18. honest sincerity here: i am more creatively inspire…. writing, fashion, aesthetics, art, philosophy…. but I'm poor and have to settle for a soulless utilitarian/servile occupation to feed myself and my passions…and as a result I have become increasingly mentally and philosophically attracted to sex work in order to feed myself… what should I do?

  19. Never knew my passion. I sucked at school, was not athletic, no social personality. I was bullied my whole life, never had a male role model. Im 28 and I had to move to Mexico to work at a call center because I didnt have what it took to make a decent living in the US. I would swallowed the bitter pill and kept whatever crap job a HS diploma can get me but I lived in the ghetto and I HATE being there, so I wanted to leave EVERYTHING I had (most of my clothers,TV,DVDs,etc).

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