How to Draw a Realistic Eye

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hey there everybody I'm mark really I'm back with another how to draw a lesson and I'm going to go ahead and just jump into it this is a lesson on how to draw a realistic eye I'm going in with my black prismacolor to make the upper eyelid and let me just say in general that if you want to draw a realistic eye or realistic anything you really owe it to yourself to draw from life or at least look at photo reference which is what I did for preparation on this video so the the eye shape fortunately is very much the way we imagined it you know this sort of I don't almost like seed shape at least right along the edge of the eye itself of course everyone knows that there's this sort of section here on the inside of each eye that comes out and you know different eyes have different sizes and shapes of this area over here so you know the reference that I looked at gave me this kind of a shape but you may look at something different or look at your own eye and find that it's shaped differently in any case there seems to be maybe one or two little sections if you want to get hyper detail over here in this area now that I've got that section done I'm going to go ahead and get to the eye itself and this again it's getting you know more or less a perfect circle so if you don't trust your own circle drawing skills you may want to trace around a quarter or something who knows to get that perfect shape you know I don't think there's anything really all that wrong with getting some help from you know a ruler when you need a straight line or you know a cup or something when you need a perfect circle anyway I've kind of got that section in place and for the pupil I'm thinking that it's about for for 1/5 the width of the iris again a perfect circle to whatever degree you're able to do it and then I'm gonna put in a sort of a highlight area over here that you know maybe it's sort of the suggestion of a window in the wall that's providing some light there okay now I'm gonna jump in and do the the eyelashes this is a female eye and maybe maybe someone who's wearing quite a bit of mascara who knows so I'm going to go ahead and give a nice nice thick dark full eyelash area over here this kind of thing you know I can't obviously go line by line and tell you how to do it it's practice makes perfect I guess but again looking at different reference but looking at different eye is you're going to see all kinds of different ways of doing the eyelashes and the only thing is that at the bottom you want to create a little bit of a separation between the eyelash area and the actual you know flesh of where the eyelid meets the eye this is that line the second line down here is where the eyelashes are going to come out and they start quite thin you know down a in over here on this section and as they go along they get thicker and thicker at least in the reference that I was looking at and having got that section done we've kind of got the basic shape in place the basic guidelines for the eye itself now again every eye is different but it's a most eyes are gonna have some kind of a eyelid and this one that I looked at for reference had quite a I guess you'd call a heavy eyelid which means that the line of the eyelid is pretty distant from the line of the eyelash again looking at different things look at your own eye you may find that that line is a lot closer and in some Asian eyes there's almost no line at all eyelashes I know this is not so much a video about drawing the eyebrows so forgive me I'm just gonna drop in really quickly a suggestion of an eyebrow here without talking about it too much now I'm gonna zoom in right now to what I feel is the absolutely most important part of this lesson and that is the iris and I want you to really see the details of what I do here so pardon me while I is zoom in now getting a good iris illustration done is the real key to making a super realistic you know almost photo realist looking eye and what I'm doing here I'm gonna do in real time just this section here sort of roping off or showing these the the sections that I'm going to darken up in the sections that I'm gonna leave light basically this little area in here is going to stay relatively light and the rest of this stuff is going to get darkened in now I know like people like to a real-time video people don't like when I time-lapse but seriously this one I could spend a whole half-hour just on the iris itself so I'm going to time-lapse this part but I'll come back to explain a little about the choices I made all right so you can see where the the key to getting a nice shiny looking eye is getting this nice window shaped highlight although it doesn't have to be window shaped it can be sort of circular or any number of shapes but make sure that you keep it nice and white and that you darken the area near the highlight and that helps it pop and makes the whole thing look shinier and you saw that I spent a fair amount of time adjusting the different shades here there's a there's a band area here near the pupil that's a certain thickness there's a whitish area down here and then again in certain types of eyes every eye is different you get the very darkest band of color right around the very edge I'm going to go ahead and jump in here and very quickly darken this area and of the eyelashes again this is maybe a female eye someone who's wearing quite a bit of mascara and with that we're starting to come into the home stretch on this video and again to keep things a reasonable length I'm going to have to do some of this in time-lapse but hopefully it won't be anything that you keep in couldn't follow along with basically I'm going to be adding shading to make the whole thing look a little more 3d and again I'll come back to explain a little bit about the choices I made okay well this is pretty much it then we have put in all of the shading and you know as you can see with anything that's you know kind of going for photo realism here you just need to take your time you know you just got to be patient and keep working at it and keep them slowly building it up and that's why I just I pretty much had to time lapse through a lot of the stuff on this video that's those are the requirements of doing something truly realistic and in many ways you know if this is the kind of art style that you want to do the most important thing that you need to learn is patience you can do almost anything so long as you're willing to commit at the time to it so that's pretty much it for this video I hope you found it useful and if you want to see me do more realistic stuff like this by all means let me know I'd be happy to do a whole series of videos like this this is of course what I was trained to do in my youth and if you are able to draw like this I think it does help you to draw in any other style even better or to you know just bring something extra to it whether it's the manga style or even just a cartoony style if you know how to draw this way you're going to be able to draw in any style at a higher level I think it's safe to say well let's go ahead and put the pencil down I hope you all enjoyed watching this video I won't show the cover of the book but I do want to thank people for buying my Mickey Falls series or any of my books I really do appreciate your support it means so much and it does allow me to keep doing these videos and thanks for watching I'll go ahead and end this one with my usual promise that I'm going to be back with another one real soon

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    My daughter also tried to draw and the result is awesome 😍😘😘😘thanks a lot

  2. I drew this the first time when I was 12 and it was perfect you gave me a passion for realistic art. Thank you for that. I’m drawing again and I couldn’t help but come back to this video.

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  4. damn that was the video that motivated me to start drawing
    i was 8 when i've saw it and now im 18 and i'm still drawing thanks marc crilley for that gift
    this video really mean a lot for me

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