How to Create Custom Shaped Bokeh with your Camera – Heart-shaped Bokeh Photo DIY

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Bokeh is a beautiful, real-time effect you can achieve in both photo and video with your camera and a decent lens, and changing it’s shape is both simple and fun! In this video Sean shows you how to make a simple heart-shaped bokeh filter and some of the cool photos and videos you can capture with it.

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hi guys sean here with and today I'm going to show you how to make a simple bokeh shape filter for your camera bokeh is a beautiful real-time effect you can achieve in both photo and video with your camera and a decent lens and changing its shape is both simple and fun for today's build all you need is a camera and lens some construction paper a pen a pair of scissors and some tape in this video we're going to make a heart-shaped bokeh filter first lay the piece of paper flat on the table place your lens on it and trace a circle around the lens with the pen next cut out the circle fold the paper circle in half and draw half a heart on the fold keeping the heart shapes length to about half an inch cut the half heart shape out then unfold the paper to reveal the full heart shape place the paper circle over your camera's lens and tape your new homemade bokeh filter to your lens using an adapted lens like this Canon FD 50 millimeter F 1 point 8 will help you get a much wider aperture than a typical zoom kit lens and better bokeh 50 millimeter and longer lenses will generally give you better bokeh because their depth of field is decreased we're using our fotodiox Canon FD to Sony e-mount lens adapter to adopt the lens in this video to capture the best bokeh you'll need a dark background with many small or distant points of light for this shoot we're going to use a black fabric backdrop and Christmas lights plus our new selfie star light to light our models face the selfie starlight is fotodiox 'iz new LED ring light for photographers and filmmakers it's the perfect light for shooting beautiful portraits product photography and even live video and you can actually mount a camera directly in the light with an included power arm set the aperture as wide as it can go and focus on a subject too close to the lens knocking the background out of focus this will knock the Christmas lights out of focus and show off that beautiful heart-shaped bokeh and here are the final results as you can see our homemade Boca filter changes the shape of the Boca turning each point of light into a tiny heart we also tried holding colored Christmas lights in front of the lens to generate some extra bokeh in front of our model and as you can see we didn't always get the full heart shape but we did get some pretty cool results you can also shoot outside when it's dark and use distance street lights for your bokeh light sources we also tried this setup with a sparkler and we got some pretty cool results now I admit this is a pretty simple trick but it only costs pennies and it's a great way to spice up your photography and video if you'd like to learn more about the products featured in today's video click the links in the description below and click right here to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get more videos just like this one I'm Sean with fotodiox thanks for watching

One thought on “How to Create Custom Shaped Bokeh with your Camera – Heart-shaped Bokeh Photo DIY

  1. Old but good idea with a simple DIY for a novice. This should make the Valentine day for many, if followed. Also you may want to change your white balance (WB) when using portrait and LED / Fluro light as your skin tone is way off, as shown. Good job.

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