Home Haul for My New Apartment | Hobby Lobby, Target, & TJ Max

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Hi everyone!
As most of you know, we just moved into our very first apartment in Austin, Texas. I’ve never had an entire home to decorate before, so naturally I took to Pinterest like a mad woman and basically pinned everything that had a gold, black, and white color scheme. I am loving the fact that our apartment is slowly turning into a home now that we have gotten some decorations out and up on the walls. I am going with a modern look with mostly neutral colors. Here and there I plan to add a few pops of blue and other muted neons as well. Let me know what you guys think! Also, how do you like this style of video? For those of you wondering, it is called Stop Motion. If you are interested in seeing a behind the scenes of how I did this, please let me know in the comments below!
Also, if any of you are looking to get some home decor items, try Hobby Lobby. I have found some AMAZING deals there recently, as you could see in this video. Let me know if you guys want more videos like this, short and sweet, and I can definitely do that for you!
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