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Galaxy M30 is priced at Rs 14,999 while the Redmi Note 7 Pro comes at Rs 13,999 for the 4GB/64GB variant. Both phones features great designs, but there is a lot of difference between their displays, cameras, software and performance.

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hello and welcome to India today Tech on the house ad and in this video I am going to compare the galaxy m33 note 7 Pro these are the best smartphones from Samsung and xiaomi respectively in that price range and have very similar specifications but let's take a look at which one of the two is the best point to bet your money on first up both these phones offer you latest designs you get a water drops I launch ad firm that offers you great screen to body ratio both phones also pack big batteries but they are not very happy thick or bulky although the redmi note 7 pro is slightly heavier at 186 grams compared to m30 despite packing a smaller battery but then again both phones have features like a type-c USB port dual microphones a rear mounted fingerprint scanner and a dual or triple camera setup at the back which on the galaxy m31 nicely placed and sits flush with the body in terms of ergonomics both these phones sit comfortably in the hands thanks to their curved and rounded corners and edges but thanks to a slightly curved back the galaxy m31 fertile in terms of durability the galaxy m32 be a step ahead but I'm saying this only based on my small bend test the redmi note 7 pro would slightly flex outwards but it's not a major fallback what actually hurts is the fact that there is no third slot to put your second SIM if you want to expand the storage on the galaxy m13 you do get triple starts which seamlessly allows you to add two SIM cards and a micro SD card to expand storage at front the redmi note 7 pro uses a 2.5 p curved Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and gives you very smooth touch experience but so does the galaxy m31 out having a corning glass but the major difference in experience is due to a Super AMOLED panel the redmi note 7 pro has an IPS LCD display under that glass and while it is very bright and quite vivid and has very good color reproduction it's not as good as the galaxy m32 / AMOLED panel you'll see a front the galaxy I'm sorry has great viewing angles and no matter where you are doing it from you get a very clear view there is no color ship there is no dip in brightness levels if you view it at an angle it also has better brightness levels not that it's bad on the red moon or chairman flow but you also get deep black levels and the contrast and color accuracy is also slightly better on the galaxy m33 splays size is more or less similar with the note 7 having a 6.3 inch size and the galaxy m34 ding a 6.4 inch size also while the m30 has white wine l1 support out of the box that allows you to watch HD videos on Netflix xiaomi says that it will be pushing out an upgrade on the redmi note 7 flow to add support for same on the note 7 cross display now talking about the software let me note 7 Pro runs the latest Android 9 PI and has MIUI 10 built on top while the Galaxy m37 is an older generation software the Android 8.1 Oreo and has an experienced UI 9.5 built on top of it but in terms of features both of them are very similar I mean both of them offer you great amount of customization on top of stock Android so you get things like battery optimization ultra power saving modes ultra data saving modes active display and many other features talking about the always-on display is quite a nice feature that's present on the m30 and you won't find it on the note 7 growth and what it does is that it shows you time and notifications directly on the lock screen and if utilizes Super AMOLED display to give you great contrast on that xiaomi makes – with some other features like a built-in app lock that allows you to secure all the applications using fingerprint and features like dual apps that allow you to clone applications and run two accounts simultaneously both the phones now also have changing wallpapers but it's supported by glance so you also get to see ads which is quite irritating at times although you can turn it off from the settings menu but what's more interesting is the fact that there are a lot of third-party apps and features baked into these interfaces I mean the bloatware stands where it was on both Samsung and xiaomi phones and that is where both the companies need to buckle and do something about it in fact Samsung has developed a better interface called the one who I but it's still not pushed on the MCV smartphones and there's no word on when it will be doing so but a surprising thing about the m30 is the fact that despite running a weaker chipset we did not find it slow app launch is quite fast and is very comparable to the redmi note seventh row and you'll see the multitasking app switching and uploading is also quite there so in daily use you won't find much of a difference between these two smartphones unless you are running very heavy applications or doing heavy multitasking also while playing games you'll feel that the m30 is quite underpowered so it runs pub G in medium rapid settings although it is able to pull off the game somehow with the help of its four gigabytes of onboard RAM redmi note 7 pro uses snapdragon 675 which is even more advanced version of the snapdragon 616 it does get warm a little after one hour of gaming in high graphics settings the experience is not very smooth and it's not totally not free now as far as LTE support is concerned both phones offered they will say they will LP standby which means that both the phones would run 4G simultaneously both phones have features like dual band Wi-Fi bluetooth 5.0 GPS but the galaxy m30 Dolby audio which comes in handy while watching videos now a department where the redmi note 7 throws shines is the cameras it has a dual camera set up at the back with 48 megapixel primary sensor which in comparison to the m30 takes quite nice shots I mean in outdoor conditions you'll see the phone is able to capture great amount of details and have good sharpness levels as well although you'll have to turn on 48 megapixel mode from the settings menu or every time you have to click a 48 megapixel photo but overall you'll see the details are quite good and more importantly the colour reproduction is more accurate compared to the galaxy m31 some phone tends to over sharpen the image and you the colors are oversaturated most of the times the dynamic range captured by both cameras is quite comparable but the note 7 crew surely does a better job it not only captures more natural-looking colors but the shadows and highlights are nicely preserved both phones also capture very sharp macro images I mean you'll see the objects have sharp edges and outlines and that is quite a good thing samsung also bundles a wide-angle camera on the device that allows you to capture more area and that is not present on the render on seventh row now there's also depth sensor on both phones and that allows them to capture portrait images with background blur in low-light situations the galaxy m30 to be capturing brighter shots but it does that on the expense of a boosted ISO so you'll see the photo has more noise and a slight hint of over-processing so it loses out on colour accuracy and naturalness of a photo on the other hand the red miniature low photo may look slightly darker but it has more accurate colors better details and sharper object outlines but this happens with the front camera as well although the note shampo has an imperial resolution on paper it does a better job both outdoors and indoors it captures more accurate skin tones outlines and details in low-light situations particularly the m30 needs to be kept very steady otherwise it ends up capturing blurred photos that is not the case with the range motion Pro as the shutter is quite fast and you get very clean photos almost all the time so as you saw both the phones have their own set of pros and cons while the galaxy m32 great design great build quality as a Super AMOLED panel has Dolby audio fast charging and better battery backup the redmi note sound probe on the other hand offers you better cameras both at the front and the back offers you a bold premium looking glass design has a more powerful chipset underneath that allows you to run heavy applications and games and runs the latest Android 9/5 software so like always the redmi note 7 pro wants to be crowned as the best mid-segment budget having great value for money for the specification it offers but this time around the Samsung phone also does a good job I mean it not only offers you good specifications but it's a well rounded smart phone that does better in departments that would be more useful in daily life do let me know which one of the two is your favorite pick and why in the comment section below also if you liked this video hit the thumbs up button and share it with your friends subscribe to our Channel the latest videos on technology smartphones and other gadgets like this thank you for watching

28 thoughts on “Galaxy M30 vs Redmi Note 7 Pro: Display, Camera, Pros and Cons | India Today Tech

  1. The note 7pro is not an average in gaming, it is far better than m30… It doesn't matter how the chipset is faster.. It matters how is the performance…. So don't compare m30 with note 7 pro…. Although it is also better than m30 in camera…. The note 7pro take brilliant photos..
    I should not buy the m30 for super AMOLED display or a bigger battery and it is not the best 5000mh battery ya it has a fast charger. The m30 for those who can watch movies online or offline it depends upon them. But for camera and gaming, better design, better durability all this things if you want then go for note 7pro…

  2. Note 7 pro is full of ads and very intrusive with instructions from their Chinese masters. Go for Samsung, m using it the screen the build quality and overall phone is brilliant

  3. Dont confuse note7 pro is far better than samsung m30…im seeing user reviews for m20 there is so much this video he highlighted that note7 pro is not for game…ive seen all the reviews past days ..note 7 pro is beast ….dont get confused by this paid reviewers

  4. Guys if you hv time do reply to the comments…. Don't ignore if ull don't won't or don't know the answer stop the channel and stop begging for subscription and likes… So do reply if ull hv some respect left in ur pocket

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