Gadget Guy – This Barbie is a video camera

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The Gadget Guy tests a new video camera that just happens to be a Barbie Doll. And actually, for a doll, she’s not too bad of a camera. (Aug. 16, 2010) [Produced by Jack Rowland]

hey there i'm at a local park getting ready to shoot some video and my friend barbie just called and said that she has this hot new video camera she wants to show me so I'm getting ready I figure we could do some comparison tests so if you want to get a leg up or maybe two on this hot new gadget stick around hi your gadget guy hey Barbie thanks for coming over to show me your new camera sure no problem how do you like it well I don't know where is it it's right here silly and my necklace Wow Barbie you don't just have a new camera you are a new camera that's incredible just when I thought I'd seen every kind of video camera possible along comes the Barbie video girl it's a fully functional video camera with a color LCD screen that records 320 by 240 video with sound the video plays back on an LCD screen on her back and there's a USB port for easy transfer of video clips to your PC or Mac she doesn't have a hot shoe but she sure does have some hot shoes talk about your power thighs the camera runs on two triple A batteries stored in Barbie's legs free video editing software for PCs only is available for download so you can edit clips add transitions and music to complete your videos when you consider that this video camera is built inside the chest of a Barbie doll the quality is really not that bad in the right light I mean it's much better than some of the video cameras in cell phones and all cameras I've seen you know I'm so impressed with this Barbie video camera that I'm considering taking her on my next assignment what do you think only problem is she doesn't have a tripod socket so I guess we're gonna have to use a duct tape how do you feel about that okay as long as it doesn't hurt my complexion okay Barbie you're such a doll hey thanks for coming by the gadget guy see you next time this isn't gonna hurt a bit Barbie it'll come right off

23 thoughts on “Gadget Guy – This Barbie is a video camera

  1. I have this doll, it took quite a beating over the years, my brothers and I destroyed it lol, she has no head or left hand but she still works perfectly fine.

  2. Yo la tengo, yy esta genial, lo bueno es que no se nota mucho la camara y parece una barbie normal, pero la dejas donde sea y grabas sin que nadie se entere… jaja buenisima

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