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Eken h9 ultra hd 4k action camera from Ebay video test. Ekan h9 is a small cheap action camera not like the GoPro, that can be found on Ebay for cheap, under $65 dollars!!! But the real question every one wants to know is can it stack up with the action camera leader the GoPro. In this video we will go over some thought on the Ekan h9 and see just how good the video quality will be. We will look at the video in 1080p with 30fps and 60fps HD, as well as talk about the 4k video option the Ekan h9 has as well. A big driving point for action cameras such as the Ekan h9 is the fact that they are waterproof when inside the waterproof housing, realy lets you take this camera right a long with you on your adventures. From HD video on land and under water the Ekan h9 mix with the prise tag under $65 dollars from Ebay makes this camera go head to head with the king GoPro, but can it keep up and video amazing 1080p…. lets get into the video and see our first impressions of this camera.

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Ekan H9
– Specs –
Frame Rates:
4K – 10fps – 25 fps (depending on firmware)
2,7K – 15fps
1080p – 60/30 fps
720p – 120/60fps
Video recording:
.mov files; .h264 codec
data rate 35-44 MB/s tested while 1080p 60fps recording.
microSD of 16 or 32 GB are recommended; 64GB are supported, but not guaranteed; class 10 recommended.
2” Screen (320×240 resolution)
So that one is larger than the SJ5000+ 1,5″ screen.
Video Resolution:
You’ve got the following options:
4k – 10fps
2,7K – 15fps
1080p – 60fps
1080p – 30fps
720p – 120fps
720p – 60fps
Photo Resolution:
The options are:
12 MP
3m water resistant
working distance 15m
wifi connected

honey would you look at that today we're going to be looking at the ikan h9 action camera I'm going to give you my first impressions and just some thoughts that I have with this camera but I know some of you just here to see the video and audio test so if that's what you're after go ahead and click the play button on the screen right now all right so let's dive into this little camera and see what we're working with first off I'm not going to go over to the individual specs I'll show you a picture of them right now and you can freeze the video and take your time reading them because they are lovely alright now first off I have to say that I'm a little bit disappointed with this camera when it comes to the 4k option it says that a convenient type of 4k but it can only videotape in 15 frames per second so let's just say your action shots which you're probably gonna be videotaping if you have an action camera are going to be pretty dang choppy but if you push that aside and you're just getting this camera for high quality HD 60 frames 30 frames it's got you covered in that category now I have to point out one of the main driving points for this camera for me was that it came with the remote but what they don't tell you is that that remote only works if the camera is already turned on so if you guys are looking to get this camera in hopes of being able to turn the camera on when the action starts then hit record you're going to be disappointed but with that being said the camera comes with all sorts of amazing connection options and a plus side of this as well is that it works with it's counter competitor the GoPros connectors as well so if you already have a GoPro and you have all the connection pieces well this camera is going to work with every single one of them my initial thoughts on the construction of the body of the camera is very well-made the only problem that I see with this is the latch that holds the battery in it seems a little fragile to me and I don't know we'll see you after I use it a lot but I'm just afraid that that little things gonna break one thing that I noticed as well is that when the camera is in the housing it seems to get like a little fog edges around the corners and stuff like that and it could be due to the heat but that is something that I noticed as well but other than that the body the I'll sing and everything else is really solid and really well-made another thing that this camera really impressed me on is the audio with these little action cameras nine times out of ten the audio is pretty bad now don't get me wrong when this camera is in the case it's pretty much just like the GoPro the audio is basically unusable but when it's outside the case unlike the GoPros that I've had the audio is actually quite well and you can use it now I'm not saying that you're going to have professional studio audio out of this but it'll get the job done if you don't have any other external mic or something like that so to sum up my first impressions on this little action camera is is that I'm very impressed and I cannot wait to test this and further dive into this camera now remember that this is the first impressions not a review so after I spent a lot of time with this camera I will be doing a review so with all that being said I'm not gonna leave you guys with some video and audio tests from this camera that you guys can see how it works and hear how the audio works and all that good stuff I want to thank you guys for watching the video and we'll see you guys in the next one mmm that's one 1080p outside of the housing you can get an idea for the audio this is what the Sun behind the camera you know the way it should be done you see how it looks and this is when I turn towards the Sun well with the camera sun's not behind me I noticed earlier it gets like a little lens flare right here so you can see that but this is 1080p without the housing so let's put the house thing on and let's see what happens this is going to be inside low lighting test outside of the housing 1080p so let's just do a little little zoom around here see how it focuses the light see how it deals with the dark situation I'll even take you around the corner into underneath the stairs where it gets really dark hopefully you can not see all the kids laundry that has fallen underneath the steps there is a window right there with no lights wrong and I'll take you again around the corner to underneath the staircase where my kids have managed to drop a lot of clothes so here we go camera outside of the housing we're going to see how it does with exposure pulling from solid black focusing in on the light we'll see how quick it can do that and if it can't do it and we'll just we'll see what it looks like see you in a minute fella all right now we're going to do outside the house in close-up and see how that looks hey guys don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our Channel and if you get a chance go check out our website at wwlp.com


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