DSLR Camera Canon 600D T3i Video Test Photography Tutorial Filming Tips

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DSLR Camera Canon 600D T3i Video Test Tutorial Filming Tips
by Fabulous Outdoors
Filmed outdoors on a beautiful Natural Reseve in the French alps, by Annecy Lake, accompanied by the sound of birds in a very peaceful place amongst the nature and wildlife.
Most recent DSLR cameras include a video function to shoot and record films.
One of the aspects to be considered for filming with a DSLR camera is that most standard kit lenses don’t have the IS (Image Stabilisation), therefore if you film while moving, for example whilst walking or cycling, you’ll get a very shaky and blurry video.
We can still get great results out of our dslr’s videos, avoiding common filming mistakes and by considering the following aspects:
– Using a tripod as much as possible, as without IS any movement of the camera will result in a non pleasant and shaky video to watch.
– Use Manual Focus to get a more professional look to your video, focusing in and out to draw the vewer’s attention from further subjects to closer ones, or vice versa.
– Trying not to zoom in and out too much, and as slowly and smoothly as possible.
– Panning only with the camera on a tripod, or trying to be as level as possible, and moving very smoothly.
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