DJI Mavic Pro Drone Crashes a SAD DAY Watch it on camera! Failed to return to home

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DJI Mavic Pro drone experiences catastrophic crash into trees all caught on camera! Return to home failure! Automatic control took over and forced the drone into trees. They sent it crashing and tumbling to the ground. Drone was low on battery and didn’t return to home. A MUST WATCH! Failed distance flight test all filmed in 4k with play-by-play showing the display, DJI App, and 4k drone footage. Before you buy or fly watch this heartbreaking disaster. Take the lessons learned to safely operate these aircraft. This could also happen to the Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, and Mavic Pro Platinum. These drones all have the same airframe and the same automatic landing settings.

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Mavic Pro drone Crashes into trees Caught on camera! Failed to return to home

38 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Pro Drone Crashes a SAD DAY Watch it on camera! Failed to return to home

  1. Mannnnn your getting beat up below ……Im actually going to stick up for you . You we're close to home and didnt anticipate the wind drag . By rights the craft should have made it back under normal conditions . One thing i learned which is A good lesson , land it somewhere open if you think its not going to make it home . Good vid , never mind the idiots below

  2. Eee. I was just reading through the comments and did notice that no one have mentioned that he could have just stop the return to home!!!! That big red circle with X inside it!!!! Srsly… I got a drone too (mavic air) and I know what I am talking about. You can just keep turning return to home every time it will kick in until basically battery dies.

  3. The drone didn’t fail bro. Looks like you didn’t take wind into factor. Common mistakes drone pilots make. No biggie. The title is just misleading. I would have turned around and landed the bird when the gimbal started acting weird. Either way good video for people to take tips on what to expect when flying in high winds

  4. Spring is not the best time to fly your Magic Pro. Blame it on climate change of long winter weather and of gusty winds.
    Last year, I launched my Magic Pro in Dearborn Michigan in early spring; a few minutes in the air, I noticed something was not right. The Magic Pro was drifting in the wind, instead of flying, and all the sophisticated electronics features stopped working. I got all kinds of warnings on my control. I immediately hit the Go Home button.
    As you can see, try to stick with the FAA rule of flying within sight in such kind of climate change weather. Wait until summer or breezy warm weather conditions to do exploration with your DJI drones. The lithium ion battery is the Achilles Bill for all drones today in cold weather and in high winds.

  5. There was no return to home failure. What did you think would happen if you flew 2.5 miles from your launch location, and attempted to return home with a strong headwind? Did you think the batteries were going to last forever. Total lack of situational awareness–and common sense. You ruined your Mavic; your Mavic didn't fail you. The drone did exactly what it was supposed to do. Flying beyond line of sight is a basic no-no.

  6. Flying over roads, high lines, people's houses,… What is the purpose of this? Looks to me you've broken some laws here. Kind of deserving that you busted your gear.

  7. We really need some drone piloting video tutorials, like what to do in similar situations. I haven't flown a drone, but when I saw 1:50 on his clock and the guy moving the drone into a dense forest, I thought to myself "does this guy not have common sense" and then I remembered most people don't. Thus – obligatory training video tutorials.

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