DIY 1080P Spy Camera Review

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Today I will be reviewing the DIT 1080p Spy Camera Review
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like up hey guys it's Anna and today we're going to be unboxing and reviewing a another spy camera it is a 1080p HD DVR DIY camera it's not that much of a DIY but it is so on the front of the box that's exactly what it says over here to the right side or the left side it says some of the features it has against with the same thing model everything and bottom nothing to the top just the normal stuff so when we open it it's pretty easy and simple to get third and open it so fitting yet is this some plastic wrapped camera and all of that so we'll be checking this out later next thing we got in here is the remote to use it we'll be trying that out then we have a charging cable doesn't seem that long but will work then we have a user manual but we will be going through all of this today and as you guys can see it says over here I don't know if you guys can see it says 1080p and it just tells you everything over here so yeah but we'll be talking about that in years so yeah let's get started so over here we'll just be checking out the camera itself over here so when we take it out this is where the DIY function comes in at yes we have a 3800 milliamp hour battery and that is very big bigger than most smartphones actually some androids to come with higher and most iPhones come with lower than that so 3800 milliamps will last you a very long time usually I'm around 12 hours it says it will last maybe even more maybe even less it depends on what you're going to be using then we have the camera itself very miniature actually so let me try to like zoom in on that autofocus so yeah it's the lens over here and as you guys can see very tiny uhm but yeah overall it is very tiny and it just has a strip of wire now over here we do have a micro SD card slot up to 32 gigabytes over here we have the connector to connected to the battery we have an on/off switch a charging cable and over here is the the antenna to the remote over there so yeah so the first thing you guys want to do is get the micro SD card over here like I said up to 32 gigs on low I'm going to put a 8 gigabyte in here so yeah so what you guys want to do is I just want to push it it might seem a little bit that but to just just spraying it will be a little bit tensioned but yeah and then after doing that you guys want to connect the battery or connect it in the first place okay so I just want to make sure it's secure and it is in now you guys can just leave it on as long as it's off make sure you guys go ahead and charge the battery up fully before you first use and yeah and now we'll take out the remote so this is the remote guys um we slide this down and you have a B C and D and the a button is the on/off button when it's on right the B button is the 1080p recording C buttons for photo and D buttons for motion detect so I will be just showing you a video recording today so yeah so what you guys want to do first is actually turn on the device on to the bottom you will not see any lights over here yet until I actually press and hold the a button and it does vibrate I don't know if you guys could hear that but it does actually vibrate and it does have the light now that's if you guys are going to be putting it in a button or something so yeah and over here I will just get something to record over here and what you guys will want to do when you guys set it up the camera will have to be upside down and it will be more stable sorry for that in advance because right now my hands are unstable and it's supposed to be in a stationary place so we'll just get set so you guys want to click on B here B and the vibrates and to turn it off yeah just some press and holds a and it will move the vibration again and to fully turn you off is flip the switch and yeah so that's practically how you guys use it and yeah so what you guys would want to do after that is just take out the micro SD card or just plug it in directly and check out the video from there and yeah just that's what you guys would do plug it into your computer so yeah so yeah like I said guys on once you guys do that it's a great camera I would say 1080p is great if you guys are in a more lit area it should definitely be much better quality and the date was wrong as you guys can see it's a 2013 I am filming this in 2016 so yeah you guys we just changed that by adding a new file name time or date and I'm setting it all up over there but yeah it's very good definitely great camera it's great it's tiny it's one of actually it's going to be the world's smallest as you guys from teeth it's just the lens and you guys really ever see that so yeah it's definitely great so yeah definitely go ahead and check it out and that's all for today guys if you guys did like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up make sure you guys go ahead and comment down below on how I did in this video and what I can improve on share with your friends hit that subscribe button thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video

36 thoughts on “DIY 1080P Spy Camera Review

  1. all these camera spies do not work well because they overheat and that does restart the camera to wifii and the time and date change to hours for example 2/6/1970 this is horrible this happens to me I have the same camera and when the camera reboots It takes a long time to connect again and there is something happens to my door I hear a man's noise and I can not see it because of the shit camera heats up and restarts this they have to fix the factory

  2. सर व्हिडिओ के लिये मेमोरी ज्यादा लगती है 5 मिनिट के लिये 1 gb. कम मेमोरी मे ज्यादा व्हिडिओ बना सकते है क्या उसके लिये क्या करे प्लीज बताये

  3. after dumping of settings of the camera, phone sees the camera in network, but cannot continuously be connected there is a connection and time out, and so around comes to an end. it is impossible to be connected.

    made more than 20 attempts, the situation does not change, the camera is not connected (((

  4. Dear Shaan m, do you know about any spy cameras that does not have so many wires and good on battery and very good quality that manages to read text on pc monitors in good quality ?

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