Dick Proenneke Cabin – Twin Lakes, Alaska – Must Watch!

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This video is a short collection of highlights and photos from Joseph Classen’s 2012 solo adventure to Twin Lakes, Alaska. He has been captivated by this place since his youth…inspired by the legendary “Alone in the Wilderness” story of Dick Proenneke, who built an incredible cabin and documented his life at Twin Lakes for 30 years. This video was shot spontaneously on a rather low quality camera and is simply intended for your enjoyment. Learn and see more and purchase limited edition Twin Lakes prints at

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well that's it there goes haha got a week all to myself at Twin Lakes at the legendary dick and panicky cabin unbelievable cannot believe it and it's actually opened as well I thought they'd have it all locked up but the cabin is left just as is so let's go have a look at something it's got his old sled here from back in the day and he used to use going all over the place got the old he's awesome double dutch doors he made this latch himself carved all the stuff out of old stumps like this just incredible it's a little dark in here but I'll take some still shots there's the old meat cache that he built and back side of the cabin it's in great shape looks like his old work area over here little work shed in all this there's his old sawhorse bunch old lumber and stuff I guess this is his outhouse huh that's nailed shut don't be using that one just incredible look at this Wow unbelievable well I gotta find me a camping spot get settled and then we'll come back and explore this we have the humble beginnings of camp Classen this is a nice wide open area here about as wide open as I'm going to find about having to pack all my stuff way into the middle of nowhere but a good place for camp here nice flat area a bit rocky but it'll ooh okay I got my camp set up Chateau Jovi class son has once again been constructed and complete with electric bear fence and proximity alarm I just ran into the park ranger out here and he says there is a grizzly bear that's been getting into people's tents and causing problems so there's semi fresh scat all around here so that's a good thing we got a little extra protection for my campus Oh have a look at this view I'm Balian earlier today I thought that I smelled a bear there's fresh bear scat everywhere and area as I saw him about an hour ago cruising up the ridge he's a great big fat one so third is chowing down on berries uh-huh it's a good day for it beautiful day lots of ripe berries up here in the mountains he is eating them up I've had a black bear you stay away from my tent I hear somebody don't see everyday I've got a huge grizzly bear out of the other side of the canyon that's as close as I can zoom in just feeding away up there and if you'll allow me right over here we have a band of unsuspecting mountain goats laying down taking it easy they probably can't see them from there we're on that corner so it's could get interesting when that bear works his way over to them let's see what happens the zoom on so you can see the whole thing here there's our mountain goats and pretty gal there is feeding away I'm sure he'd like to have a nice juicy mountain goat instead of all those berries now fun to watch and hope there's none of them over on this side I never know what's around the next bend and then it can be anywhere that's a big big fat one hmm I'm glad he's up here and set it down by my camp anyhow keep on heading down the line and see what's around the next bend came across this spectacular glacial alpine waterfall here got some great photographs of it you'll see later but just have a look at this and just so happened that my water bottle had run dry so I filled up not clear that is that is the freshest cleanest surest water on earth as delicious he gives berries around the sheep throwing the hillsides the whole band of sheep right up here and I'm a little bit worn out from all this hiking I'm gonna take a break enjoy my fresh water and I will see you all in for today nice big fat sour to the health looking Cubs of dates berries well I'm sure got a Mike in this side of the ridge today that's a total of one two three five or six bears over there now and so far so good over on this side them go cool you that's a beautiful evening here wind a gun after an entire day of hiking in the mountains hanging out of Apprendi cabin sitting down on dick Brennan keys front porch let me show you the view have a look around spectacular all right it's the afternoon of September 13th got my camp broke down and listen John the beautiful sunshiny fall day took these bugs waiting for my ride out of here back to civilization you you

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