Destination Wedding Photography : Wedding Photography

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A destination wedding is one that takes place far away from where the bride and groom actually live. Learn about destination wedding photography with help from a wedding photographer in this free video clip.

Expert: Matthew McDaniel
Bio: Matthew McDaniel is a photographer with Matthew Ryan Photography.
Filmmaker: Matthew McDaniel

Series Description: A wedding ceremony and reception only last the duration of a single day – however, wedding photographs will live on forever. Get tips on how to take the most powerful and captivating wedding photography shots with help from a wedding photographer in this free video series.

I'm Matt mcdaniel with matthew ryan photography and now we're going to talk about destination wedding photography so with a destination wedding you are obviously going to a new destination probably want to scout out areas around where you're shooting so that you know where to go research online asked the couple if they've been there maybe ask some local photographers you also want to pack only what you need the more gear you have the more confusing it's going to be the more chance you have to get it broken or lost so when you're shooting at the destination make sure you know what your client expects if they've never been there and they really want to document the destination maybe they have some ideas of where they want to go again you want to shoot natural candid moments with them as well as some posed traditional shots that they may want i'm matt mcdaniel with matthew ryan photography and that was destination wedding photography you

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