DELHI CHOR BAZAAR EXPOSED | I Phone, DSLR, camera, Nike Adidas Shoes at cheapest price | VLOG 13

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Delhi Chor Bazaar :
This time we are at Chor Bazaar Chandni Chowk Delhi. This is one of the cheapest place where you can find shoes, garments, electronics, merchandise, deo and many more in very cheap rates. So just sit back relax and enjoy this cheapest ride of Chor bazaar market.

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  1. "Aazad desh hai hum kuch bhi shooting karein tume kya lena dena"… Anushka sharma ne bhi kuch bhi shoot kia tha yaad hai na wo uska garbage wala kaarnama aur ab defamation case Mein court ke chakkar lagari hai… That guy don't know his rights.. Just for views you guys make fun of these people you can blurr their faces..but you don't . Everybody know this is chor bazar… And one who came here knows the reality

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