Create a Catalog-Quality Man's Pose with Lindsay Adler

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In this clip, Lindsay Adler guides a man through a series of standing poses.

Watch her capture cool and confident male portraits by guiding a model through subtle movements.

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let's talk about hands all right so first of all crossing arms is totally fine give me an arm across okay and he did it fine my tip would be watch for when they cross their arms if they cross too high and their shoulders are raised because a lot of guys will cross their arms a little bit too high so just keep it shoulders down and cross a little bit lower if you look good mmm excellent okay so next let's talk about hands and pocket all right so what you want to do is what he does I usually avoid the other way like a thumb in the pocket because I'm looking too much at the hands especially if guys are it's a like a wedding party and they're wearing all black and then I just see their hands so that's why I usually tuck that in it looks great except for I don't usually talk both it's a little too symmetrical so whatever arm you're comfortable with just take out and let fall loose perfect okay so next right now he's standing a little flat-footed right so I want you to do is exactly how you are just like your tape taking kind of a step towards me see how I'm kind of like rocking forward like that and he automatically likely kind of leans his chest forward so this is a catalog men's pose okay he looks comfortable his hand in his pocket and so when I want to get a little more creative or have like a little bit more energy I'll actually have them step towards me and so I'll have their hand in their pocket and I'll actually have them step and actually get kind of a walking move and that's something that I do in fashion so when I'm photographing a woman in a dress and I want to have a lot of movement I have them repeat that motion over and over again so if I want a guy to look cool and confident like he's walking at me I just have him do that over and over again so let me take a couple steps so I'm going to a couple shots let me give this a test and see how it goes and I'm gonna have you stand flat-footed first all right good and hands out this is bad this is bad pose flat flip the guy that taught was good all right that was good my dancer again now Oh oh dear huh that was amazing okay um hey guys are legs that look um okay so no it's cute you look like a comedian I can't do that right um okay so hand in your pocket all right so I'm gonna step back here for a second and stand totally flat foot even even wait okay so this is even wait and that backgrounds a little short for me all right I'm gonna probably disco break anyone well I don't need to go back I just wanna stick my button thank you okay so just warning you a chance I'm not currently changing I'm just going to let you know okay all right so let's try this okay so pretty foot foot I'll see in a second and I'm gonna have you kind of do the walk and lean towards me good and take one step back for me it's a little bit good and the walk and lean good and I'm gonna actually have you put that foot a little bit further behind like tuck it behind your other leg yeah right there so do your walk and lean but just totally comfortable so literally step towards me okay I'm ready good so this picture to me is like you see this lot with men's magazines like walking towards you okay so that is like super basic men's pose okay will you cross your arms for me for one turn sideways a little less into what I'm looking for is I don't want him to be straight on because it's really boxy so I'm having to turn a little bit towards aside and lean towards me just a little bit more dynamic and like this is boxy and then this is really narrow so I'm picking something in between good just like that and his hands are good I'm making sure that I don't see like super soft hands these are good I would either do that or fist either one or both fine okay great so that looks good I'm going to so that was pose number one my pose number one hand in pocket walking towards camera that's like super basic men's essentials

24 thoughts on “Create a Catalog-Quality Man's Pose with Lindsay Adler

  1. As with most subjects, this one was very stiff. As a photographer, it is our responsibility to correct that, and yes, it can be corrected.

    When my subjects tense up, I find it useful to have them inhale deep, hold it and exhale. In the process, I tell them to drop their shoulders and just let them hang. This tip works on all subjects I photographed. Not only do you see the change in energy, but the subject energy is much more workable and pleasant.

  2. Almost every male has a hard time shifting their weight to the back foot/hip (as you can see the guy in the video had). A simple solution is to place a short piece of a 2 x 4 under the front foot. This will force them to put all their weight on the back hip.

  3. Hello Alder, i guess you good. i seriously like the way you teach and take the pixz. i wish you can teach me more and i'm ready to learn tho. i hope to hear from you . thank you

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