CHEATING on my Boyfriend with PERSONAL TRAINER!! (Hidden Camera)

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Hey guys, so I got my personal trainer from the gym, Kevin, to help me out with this video and give Robin a good scare and pretend I am cheating on him! If you enjoyed the video please give it a big thumbs up and make sure you leave a comment below if you’re #TEAMEMMA or #TEAMROBIN.

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hey everyone welcome back to a new video so if you've been watching our previous videos you'll have seen that Robin has done some horrendous pranks on me but recently he did what I think is probably the worst one he put laxatives in my coffee and it was absolutely horrendous so I've been thinking about what I think is the worst thing that I can do to Robin and I've decided I'm gonna do a cheating prank on him today and Kevin is here to help me so this is Kevin and he's gonna help me today to do a cheating prank on Robin we know each other from the gym and I know he's going to be great in front of the camera he's a really good music producer and so to say a big thank you to Kevin for helping me out in this video please go and check out his YouTube Instagram and SoundCloud and the links will be in the description below so Robin is at the hospital right now and he's having loads of scans and x-rays and things done so we've got a little bit of time to set up the prank I've told him that I can't pick him up today because I'm gonna be at the gym actually I'm gonna be at home in bed with Kevin how you feeling about the pro bit nervous can't I we don't know what woman's reactions gonna be sometimes it gets a bit crazy so we're just gonna keep it going for as long as we can if it gets violent or or anything we're gonna have to tell him that it's a prank laughter yeah hope so stop it so if you enjoyed the video please give me a big thumbs up let me know in the comments below that your team Emma and don't forget to share the video and thanks so much go in for helping me out no problem I'm really excited to get Robin back for what he's been doing to me from your past the bargains I sent it what why are you home already go in well then are you kidding me that's my girl stop where you go stop on are you kidding me I'm here I'm a boyfriend who look like listen to me who is this why is this – I come back home Hospital okay you you told me we'll be back here oh my gosh with this night you told you wasn't me back young give back my boyfriend look you Emily Kidd who you are now I was already calm down tell me mrs. I didn't mean me and told that you were not gonna be back well then what difference does that make if I'm back we'll know who are you why are you my bad who is it you know you can stay right there you know knowing anywhere with you why are you in my bed what do you want him to be in a band is he here for you ask you to be in his bed your accident you are not the same you're not the same person my baby's on accident who though you can't leave I cross myself deposits get huh hey you in my bed talking to mother are you in my bed I know you're crippled man tell me about me are you mad you know this Emma but you are not the same person since you had the accident I can't come anywhere near you are conta to you because my leg is in pain and who do you think you are my baby this thank you do you think you are I'm telling you runner who did enjoy my bed with this night you that you've got you don't even sorry you knew shit boyfriend you sprayed my babies you know Jesus to tango to the right up to me yes what for yeah why this is not fun this is not thing to be laughing about it this is not funny how do you think I how do you think you would feel if you come back home another day another go why did you guys stop saying you back up sex are you trying to tell me that you've never cheat on me I've never I have never cheated you I have never cheated on you everyone smile don't ever touch a man's garbage dose Mina don't uh don't having such a man's go off and I'm telling you right now you are you lucky that my leg is broken are swells you trying to do more on Twitter before Kim you're trying to tell me that you've never cheat you don't make guys go yeah I don't want to see you face around here ever again you get a dog we got the door I'll tell you you get on my horse right now I'll tell you gonna get on my horse right now what I hear that speech Miss Emma I'm done with you I'm done with you Emma I'm done seriously I've got maybe maybe you should go and we can talk business listen till you get on my horse right now I need to get my house you get on my bed cool my chances for me dress Jesus oh my god this again yes you said it my friend he's my friend oh I initially I'm seeing stars right now I'm like why are you biting your head right now well you know what do you hurt your head you India's I seen stars why why do you do that I don't know what to do I was this young I was it's just a friend who are you I'm just you know believe me it's no good friend I miss you so still so Mario neurotic oh my god shake oh my god I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I thought I was gonna get my other knee broken watch we need words you've just started something you don't wanna do you have a broken knee cuz I was a bit worried that you were gonna attack him but he obviously couldn't do anything thank God I mean I'm like it is a real poor you forever to kill me you probably there that's my phone Oh God I'm gonna get you back so hard for this especially when you actually try to hit me with it yeah yo you know what happened I need you in the face no no please no I thought I would first I went to slap him or something yeah yeah when yes oh my god I did get Bambi I'm so relieved this track I was actually I was ready to you know after you did there like scoops to me I think what is the worst possible thing but that double so what filming me on the toilet robin was below the belt so I had to I told all right your hand you got your man you got your revenge yeah you you don't you're binge and I'll shake on this was a good one how do you guys know each other that 400 gym okay nice to meet you yeah but yeah sorry about that bro

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  1. Hope you all enjoyed this crazy cheating prank on Robin! Make sure you turn on your notifications, new video this Sunday <3 A big thank you to Kevin for helping me prank Robin! Please give the video a big thumbs up, Love Em x

  2. I like pranks and all but if my boyfriend ever did this. I wouldn’t be mad at the prank I would be mad because he still let another girl in our bed. Prank or no prank 🤷🏽‍♀️

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