Cheap Camera Cheap Lens Challenge! Sony A6000 with 50mm f/1.8 and Sigma 30mm f/1.4

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Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier as he challenges himself to do a cheap camera and cheap lens shoot using the Sony A6000 with the Sony e mount 50mm f/1.8 and the Sigma e mount 30mm f/1.4! PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!

Jason’s venture into shooting Sony started with the little but mighty Sony A6000. Since there are so many more people out there who can afford the A6000 than something like the Sony A9, Jason challenges himself to shoot with the cheapest Sony ILCE (Interchangable Les Camera E Mount) with cheap e mount lenses. Both the camera and the lenses are made a crop sensor.

Jason also used the Rotolight Neo 2 with the 53″ Westcott Apollo Orb as Jason believes it’s always a good idea to use proper lighting and demonstrate lighting techniques that people can learn from.

Typically just one of the lenses (not including camera body or lighting) that Jason uses is in the ballpark of $2,000 or more. This entire shoot including camera, lens, lighting etc cost less than that. For aspiring photographers out there on a budget, being able to see what you can do for the price of 1 professional level lens is very beneficial.

Here’s a list of the gear used in the video:

**Sony A6000-

**Sony 50mm f/1.8-

**Sigma 30mm f/1.4-

**Westcott Apollo Orb-

**Rotolight Neo 2-


We thank you in advance for watching and truly hope it’s helpful to all photographers out there. Jason will keep the cheap camera and cheap lens segments going if his viewers find it beneficial.

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Jason Lanier Photography

yeah bunch to chain up your angry love yeah there we go love that wow this looks crazy hi guys my name is Jason linear I am here in Corona California of all the exotic places I've shot in the world this is very close to where I live and we're here at a mall guys this is a cheap camera cheap lens shoot with a very expensive model and what we're going to do today is well let's introduce her you guys probably remember Brooke yes she was we're gonna do a shoot guys this is the original this is what started all of this madness why am i shooting with this today it's very simple it's it's hilarious because I'm filming with an a7 r3 that very few people in the world have right now and I'm filming within a nine and so I've got between lenses and cameras 15 10 $15,000 a gear filming us on the two cameras but you guys have been telling me hey where's the videos showing us how it's showing us folks who don't have huge budgets where are those videos at Jason you used to do a lot more of that and so we're going to get back to that we're going to do some of that and so this is the camera that started it all for me to a 6000 this is the original that I bought what we're going to show you guys today is the camera is about 500 bucks the lens about two hundred dollars and so $700 a kit right here again that's pretty cheap for camera terms we are going to use some lighting why guys I'm never going to do videos showing you guys poor techniques for lighting that's it's a bad way to teach but I am using relatively inexpensive lighting gear today and we're going to show you what we're using in a minute this looks like a monster setup it's not it's just an umbrella it's the Westcott apollo deep or it's it's about a hundred and fifty dollars and it just has the diffuser on it and then Eli are you able to see this brother that's just a rota light neo2 inside so it's the rota light neo – bouncing into a silver parabolic 53-inch Apollo or by Westcott and it's just on a light stand that's all this is so this whole kid is probably – the light they umbrella everything else about $200 in the lights 350 400 bucks on this side we have this is by impact which is a B and H house brand and it's very cheap this is less than $100 I know looks super fancy has these rods that Bend and go right into the edges of the reflector so this is a gold on this side and the silver on the other and it just goes on to a c-stand I'm also showing you guys how you do this shoot by yourself is the main purpose of this this is just a cool little tunnel thing here in the mall not a big exotic location nothing like that this is just a place where you're able to get some really easy shots so that's the point of it so we're gonna share it with you and go from there so one thing I've learned is it's a lot easier to flip a six thousand and my full frame body so that's really awesome I so crazy I just forgot how light these suckers are so I'm gonna shoot this today with the 50 millimeter and maybe the Sigma 30mm meter 1.4 keep in mind guys this is a crop sensor body for the crop sensor lens so even though this is filming at even though the lens is 50 millimeters it's an equivalent 75 millimeters so 1.5 crop factor see we're at them all we have Walker's coming through come on through folks don't mind us at any rate his wife was like what was that all about Henry Harvey how dare you anyway so we're gonna shoot this with this beautiful young lady by the way same concept this lights at about half the power right now because I'm matching ambient exposure to the light why use a big parabolic deep umbrella it spreads the light a lot further and diffuses it more so we're only using half power on the neo right now again because I'm setting my exposure for ambient if I put this on full power it's gonna put too much light on her face and then what happens is the background turns black and we lose the whole reason for shooting here alright so let's do it hi Brooke here we go one two three beautiful I'm bringing this reflector over here on this side to bounce some light back into her there we go just like that god I forgot how tiny these cameras are there you go do the same thing but look this way head that way more just like that love it one two three nice to me even after all these years this thing still kills it so now guys I put the Sigma 30mm meter 1.4 on here you got some more wider angle perspective shots drop the f-stop down to 1.4 hello ladies how are you she's Princess Leia yeah that's beautiful Brooke brunette chained to the side of you your head tag look up to the light just like that 1 2 3 Wow nice to me we're gonna pull the reflector back for now we need to do those two you want to spend now yes let's do it come to me Eli for the viewers at home having this wide angle of light coming out is what's giving us such a soft light pattern across her so that's why you would want to use it more like a deep parabolic rather than just flipping the light around flipping the light around it's gonna give a more direct light whereas if we bounce it into this silver and cast it on her it makes for gorgeous light of course one thing I love about using the continuous light is while it's set don't keep your head still right now because I can actually move the reflector and see where I'm getting proper feel the advantage for me and using continuous light all right I'm gonna switch this to a high frames per second here just stay in that frame 1 2 3 one two three definitely not the buffer of the r31 two three oh that was pretty I love it that was awesome we're gonna do is I'm gonna use the swivel right here to angle this down and create some kind of a dome light effect on her and we're gonna drop the height stand the nice thing that is really light there's not a lot of weight to this at all I perfect push yourself up on that arm they go bring arm closer to your body all right so let's let's get her set up on the side now we're gonna move I'll move the light took the head to the right there you go sit down keep reaching forward and down there you go punch the chain up you're angry love yeah there we go love that wow this looks crazy put your back against the rail put both arms down against the rail push yourself off it there you go just like that one nice to me you could pretend you like my still bro it's like a $250 ones if I were to recommend and I know a lot of people watching this because it is a cheap lens video cheap camera video expensive model video it okay I can't say that camera bodies come and go as photographers and as photographers we just tell people to focus on glass and glass is very important if you're gonna choose camera body or glass you choose glass because you can always get the best glass put it on a decent camera body get great results that being the case having lighting is critical I can go off the kit lens in the middle you know of golden hour magic hour and get great shots because pretty much at magic hour you can get great shot great shots of anything you can with your phone or whatever else so for those watching this if you have a inexpensive camera body or whatever camera body you have one thing I love about the e-mount system is its cheap we're not talking full frame amount we're talking the regular email the email system is cheap the lenses are two three hundred dollars it's one thing that attracted so many people to Sony mirrorless when it first came out I get the 51 eight the 35 one eight the Sigma and those are Sony lenses the Sigma 30 millimeter 1.4 they're all in that 150 250 dollar range so I would get it if you have a camera body just get one of those cheap primes and then get lights what would the difference have been with the G master lens on this yes the bokeh would have been better it would allowed and more light all that other stuff but but again I'm trying to show people videos of gear that is accessible to the masses versus gear that's accessible to not a lot of people how would the a 6500 been different focuses faster maybe a little bit better in low light performance with ISO there are a lot of other advantages but for this shoot specifically a6000 does the job because of the lighting lighting makes an enormous difference for you guys in the camera and purchasing decisions that you make trust me all right so guys I'm going to show you guys real quick just what the setup was on this I know it looks huge and expensive but it's not this is again this whole modifier is about $200 now I'm gonna take it down to show you guys just how easy it is so this is just a diffuser that fits right over the front of it it's just a silver umbrella it's just an umbrella with the silver reflector in it and the neo2 that's it you want to see how hard it is to set up comes right out ready to go home I mean it's super simple this guy just comes off here that's it and that crazy so until next time guys keep shooting never give up on your dreams Frederick either works for you you can find links to all this gear down below you can find a link to this lovely lady and her little dude we'll get some footage of him sleeping over there if she's okay if mom are you okay with that mama I hope this has helped guys until next time keep shooting never give up on your dreams find our key that works for you and remember no way one chance to get it right I'll talk to you guys later bye how do you want to say bye oh that was enough suffice to doze adios all right cool cut I think it alone let me check correct ah life sockets for you are you actually still there I'm talking to you guys if you want to continue this madness online go to center photography and you can learn online with me anywhere in the world maybe even if you work in a bank and if you want to see me in person go to Jason linear calm slash register and you guys can come to a workshop near you if you don't see one that's near you send me an email at Jason and Jo and we'll set one up so until next time keep shooting never give up on your dreams friend regular works for you and remember you only have one chance to get it right talk to you guys later bye-bye awesome guys thank you

27 thoughts on “Cheap Camera Cheap Lens Challenge! Sony A6000 with 50mm f/1.8 and Sigma 30mm f/1.4

  1. I prefer the term inexpensive. Great results! I often use the kit lens that came with the Sony Nex7, the Sony 18 – 55mm f3.5 OSS. The results can be spectacular. Jason, you need a new video crew that can keep up with the quality of your work.

  2. awesome! but where do I find the lighting adds on in Europe? do own the A6500 with following lenses : Zeiss Touit 32mm f1.8, Sigma 16mm f1.4, Samyang (Rokinon) 50mm f1.2 and Sony G 18-105mm f4

  3. The sharply, beauty pictures can not shoot without flashes light, strobes light…cameras 20 megapixel is good enough to shooting .more megapixels more better.

  4. My question here is… How do you focus? You are not even doing anything haha

    Can you explain please? What mode, and settings you used to focus this perfect. Thank you!

  5. Jason love Your channel! Feel like I’m a PA on Your crew 🤩. So I’m about to get My first Sony. Saved up to get the A7iii. Like to buy 2-3 budget conscious prime lenses to start shooting before I save up to get some GM series lenses. What would You buy for portraits, events, street photography and probably one I can use for a Vlog I want to start? (Open to any suggestions from others as well.)

  6. Jason, great video. a correction, The Sony 35 1.8 is 450.00, on sale for 400.00 not a cheap lens for crop. The Sigma is about 350.00. The 50 you are correct it a few hundred and as you prove it's sharp as a tack on the A6000. Make more videos with the less expensive gear. Not everyone can afford or needs full frame as you prove here.

  7. I'm really thinking either Sigma 30 1.4 or Sony 35 1.8. Not sure. does the 5mm less, added 2/3 stops of light and the added shallow depth of field make up for it?

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