Candid Camera Classic: Photo Switch

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Customers at a photo studio discover that strangers have been added to their family portraits.

ah the scene is a studio specializing in family portraits and here's an actual photo now watch as we insert Mary into the picture here's another family and chris has popped in now the customers arrive at the studio well let's watch as Peter shows them their photo proofs you should be proud take a look at that that is just great just great Oh who's this guy yeah who's this guy I don't know any of their names huh I mean he's not a member of my family I wonder how he got in the picture I know what this guy yeah I have no idea where he is no I don't know who that yeah he I don't know frankly I don't know any of these these are my four kids and these are who they film that I was wrong when they filmed him oh good so how did he get in the picture I think they said their machine jammed and a bunch of pictures got caught in there so I don't know if he got jammed in the machine I don't know where this guy came from he's not a member of mice isn't that where the three of you look just great so there's no I think you'd be back oh sure yeah there you are and I think they looked just lovely in fact in fact you see how nice the total composition is okay let's see me in the kitchen this is you right this is me my daughter put this woman I do not know her well she's right there with you okay I don't know why is she there but um it must be like a defect or something I don't know what it could be did she she's not supposed to be a defect you know sometimes with proofs and this is just a proof sometimes with proofs there are defects little claws that come out like rock three boys look great and your girl looks just as bright and sunny and pleasant as you but she doesn't belong there I don't know who she is she is not a member of my family she was not there with us when we were taking the pictures I don't know where she came from could I offer this to you at half-price what good is that gonna do it we don't know him we don't know who he is those relatives of yours they have a television don't they back home yes which would puzzle them more to see this guy in your photo or to see you on candid camera I don't know well smile miss brownfield that's the candid camera no way my name is Peter [Laughter]

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  1. In the process lab, developers can do all kinds of things, i.e. burnishing, blocking or removal of objects, superimposing one image on top is another, enlarging, cropping, etc. Now, there is Photoshop. No problem, just send the "defects" back to the lab.

  2. It would have been even funnier if they pretended like they couldn't see this extra person in each picture. Peter could have asked each person how many people were in the picture, and if the person said three, he should have said there is only two people in the picture. It's very common for most people's mind to automatically jump to the supernatural when something like that happens. So it wouldn't have been a very difficult thing to sell them on. Make them think the extra person is a ghost. He could have really gotten them if he concocted some story about the studio being built on an old cemetery.

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