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Guys bumili ako Nikon Coolpix s4300 SECOND HAND…is it really worth it? Watch niyo nalang.

Disclaimer: ALL info based on my experience and observation.

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I'm back to using my iPhone so telega you really have to think very well bag of equipment in a second hand some of my pawn shop okay so you know – I be corner after a period of time Makkah Hamza so it's completely unreliable can happen for an excited fan of Illya digital insert clip conked out the Degas a is a market in town bullish market meters above all would customer don't pawn shop September I know gadgets so I say I will happen billion camera independent often occur earns signal go up a little and another point two million armed camera matado you cover an honorable equally unique on coolpix India NATO film cell phone booth in America mera make us ominous on charger and miss among bad boy engage they do not know Hindi copper energy damn it – nothing did Jacob Nana be like a happen cool ah well a shank a7 memory card so roof yes an ablution for 3,000 hi sorry Hindi policies outside but two thousand seven two thousand seven hundred pesos Paula so this morning boo media on a memory card super Wonka with this 8 gig the memory card and son this so I'm here at Casa mug films itself or the virtual life and I'm an income due to say YouTube high quality Numa high in the memory and IO poor among investigating equipment pair along say you know superb of vlog we're animal I know will happen am I in the apartment and I'm gonna say Newport Ottawa but total one but two to one so guy said to Shia this is an econ cool pics s 3400 soaking acaba Hanukkah in equation a chimera mixing is having leadership modern young punk vlogging zakat Casillas you so Nina Diaz you you want to cut the budget camera in Sony DSW now 800 now if B billion million brand new my baby Limoges uh I think Semyon 4999 a long shot so at all in Brad Union is more or less 10,000 anyways now believe should happen for 2007 and Deaconess ready so Lisa pawnshop and medicine and use of analyst nor return or exchange Nina Manila see now be suffering because of me or no Monday will be the liquid OH – well at least okay sure is marijuana like this one so I think I can live with this for okay Neela okay Neela so but I have to admit now the existing cut that I gonna do not have a minister sharp joins in asabi Kuna after a period of time making sure so it's completely unreliable for vlogging it oh so you'll never know convention mega act up so I just recorded a three-minute video and right now after cookie stop you video initially it is fun so the now an aquarium pawnshop possible so consumption is only or exchange denisa but then sabi nila they don't do that anymore they don't except return or exchange so every I don't know what to do with this one and Cena buys eigenvalue problem Alan is your memory card which I refused to to believes Paulina Laguna so you three minutes worth of recording will Anna useless now so if I see nobleman he give OCC's in Italy bar I'm back to using my cell phone a soul confidential I waited for this room Alex a function in functionality Nia for I think five minutes now so how far ensures of the bus he do but when he leave a CCC second at all so guys I hope my experience becomes a lesson to anybody to everybody so you need a versus scenic ave costa mesa ranking pawnshop na Bin Ladin call it a Mamba delicacy I know Monday so nickel in a Czech Tyrolean gadget so ninety Sahaba says arbic oh no no testing this is testing day post canina gonna realize the power of marriage from yet order to Hampshire so dinner while going for job mrs. Savic oh I'm inspired effective young unit and who by designer exchange canola for Ionia Shang and up in oullette Sevilla no return no exchange so cinnamon one Hindi – neon de ba please let this serve as a lesson for everybody know before chamomile in a secondhand gadget but you see Pena talaga and also a laminate on product into civilian like me in eco alumna in general so Nicole Nicole packs 40s 1400 you at all Nicola lambda it's not really a very good camper blogging so much better you've Sony the SC s W 800 so it's right now sailing cents and a discounted price of 4900 hey 4999 since I didn't I immediately go I know it'll be nearly Co you know my super hunk to vanilla Co for two thousand seven hundred kylajo banana infallible system but CCC had to go down so more than the cyanide miracles dedicated camera for vlogging as anybody but another part I know you see yourself full of Malaga you've got it go so money it up I see him sell food ah ha ha ha you know you know got a potential for blood and chef Angelo Bertelli comic about church finally I disagreed up information for communication you know what I mean so guy started a lemon new you policy now store if you're buying a secondhand camera or gadget that was element Union be billion more and then telegram think think think think not just twice but more than twice elemental are you living in your brother and what reviews asked around como pocket Ebola I'm behind and graduate in points of the end and it's not all the time now but maybe Pitka it's not all the time but now I'll or it's a it's not always an advantage oh um you and I don't just have to live with it so our whom re repair power like the economy evil memory card and ok now but so you and please note from my mistake as you can see my smothered under Televi you I know you know quality no phone call I wish I had more time to really check if this one is oh you didn't you governor need this this is ok I'm just gonna have to live with it so Vice lesson along cool it off I hope you guys learn from my experience so if you haven't done this yet please subscribe to my channel but mice out I shoot you okay guys that was just a joke


  1. Oh my, when it comes to gadget, buy brand new so it has warranty and free of service just incase something went wrong, thanks madam for sharing this , you save a lot of people when it comes in spending money .😊

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