buying a older used digital camera

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boxed as new olympus c5060 digital camera
made of metal not cheap plastic
made in japan not china

well what's going to be today looks like the battery is going down that's what I call one on my wavy videos and this is I can wear I got on eBay it's an olympus see 50 60 and it's still got the ticket on that well it was in the box and i put it on and so what i want to show you is there's not a mark on it not even on the cat on the lid the lens cap not a scratch on it not a scratch on the top not a scratch on the back and no marks on the father I think this is probably new and some the funny thing about that I bought it and it came with the nuns of water housing and that's in good condition that even came with a leather case I had three boxes I think I paid 60 quid for the whole three which means the camera probably only stands min about 20 quid and so I had one of Widgeon olympus battery 1 1 gig cards I put my own 2 gig cards in the one gig has been put away I've got one olympus battery that looks hardly used and some rubbish ones aftermarket ones that always no good anyway that's an all the books that went with it and if you have a look it's all there every single book is every single manual because I've been through them only all the bonus software and the only thing that didn't out was a USB lead lucky I had one for a town well that was I had that didn't I think might have been broken I don't remember and it was he exactly the white foot that's the box it's all in now the charger the remote which is zips up into that little bag wherever have it looked after it didn't use it anyway that's the charger and I accept the charge or out and there's not even any scratches on the charger dock so I don't think this camera was used very much at all there's a strap in there it's a used strap it didn't have a camera strap it's one eye that was on the case but it was quite dirty I've got my own camera struck in there in there's the leads or the other leads that win there there is the new Olympus battery that do is no mark on it I don't think it was used more than a couple of times and the original box and what it is today is the talk is some I supposed to die is second on digital cameras or digital cameras down the crapper and what us referring to was when they started making digital cameras they still do it today they kept putting the megapixels up to make him look dated so when a lot of people would use a camera for about a year and if they were like this person who probably used it for a couple of holidays and they were probably just wanted an upgrade because it was only a five Meg but to be honest with you I've taken pictures of town was five now got words and they don't make a slightest bit of difference whether you have a twenty when you put it on your software the file comes out at about four or five megapixels which is exactly what this one comes out with so most of the megapixels as I said before my other video bin by the camera it doesn't even and also you get more and more megapixels the more noise you go so it doesn't necessarily mean a 15 Magus much better than a five it might be a little bit better but when you blow it up the image completely blew us out due to aggressive noise filtering that's needed in high megapixel sensors and it looks like much well you don't tend to get that so much with this sort of older cameras so much this has a magnesium alloy body on it and if you can see on front of the window there there's not a scratch on it well I don't think it's ever been on the tripod no scratches the plastic that you look through which is the viewfinder there's not one scratch on that and that thing gets scratched by your fingers even got the arm the original sheet it was wrapped in and I got the waterproof housing as well so that's one of my suggestions as if you can get a good use camera to practice on or if you're going to do a college course it's not necessarily high mega pixels if it can will will shoot wall this shoots wall and you got a southern megapixel image that works quite well and but it does take it's not very quick to write to the card I mean I find using JPEGs good enough for that and so that's that introduction into the young Olympus 50 60 and so when you body can wear sometimes it's worth buying a second on camera which I would call a high unit place rather than to go out and buy a cheap camera that's got more mugger personals because a lot of people get oh I'd better get this other camera I've been offered I've been offered a camera equator and it's it was hundreds new but it's Sonia five or an eight Meg well they're sixteen now or twenty our goal and buyer but you may not find the results better than something like this which had a very high unit cost is built to a very high standard so it's worth looking around at second and cameras and I find the second and more professional models like this one a much better than buying very often a cheap new high megapixel camera and so as I say um I call this camera stung the crapper in other words a lot of people don't want to use a camera because it's not such a high megapixel but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's not a useful camera and you can buy a new camera with higher megapixels well I doubt you would get the builds quality of that even an expensive new one today I'm using the nikon p7100 and this has got a fairly high build quality but it's all plastic was this one's magnesium alloy so it depends what you want anyway short video and I hope that yarn that you look but on the Internet have a let me see what cameras are out there there's some bargains to be had on the high end older high owns and it's worth taking a look if it's boxed and it's clean and it comes with all the paperwork usually if it comes with all the paperwork it means it's been looked after and it comes with all its packaging and sound bags that usually means it's been looked after and I've usually found that idea the package looks very often the the content so good and we looked after so bye-bye enjoy this video from the nuthouse or as I call it video

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