Buying A New Camera, Drone & Getting Ready For My Debs!!

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In this vlog I travel around Dublin to different camera stores to try and find myself a Sony a7sii. I also order a phantom 4 drone for Rob Lipsett as he was at Mr.Olympia in Las Vegas. On top of searching for my camera, I also had to prepare for my Debs / Prom.

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so I'm just walking to the dart to get it into town this is gonna be a quick little vlog it's not gonna be anything special it's just I sorry I had to get a lift there but as I was saying I'm only heading in sad that's gonna be a quick little vlog and I'm actually pricing up a new camera for work that I'll be doing with Rob in the next few weeks or months and also tonight is my Deb's for those who are from the states your dad's is like your prom your high school prom so that should be exciting and I'll talk to you and I'm in town so just got into Dublin I'm making my way over to graph the street where I'm gonna check out the new camera I took the long route just because I feel like there's a lot and I said oh yeah I'll say it's really weird something lady just sort of stopped before me was like sorry sorry sorry and didn't do anything just walked around me and I took the long route just because I think this is a much nicer route to get to Grafton Street you walk past the government buildings and but yeah once wants to do that we're gonna go get some breakfast and I'll talk to that so I just got a roll for my breakfast and I came into Stephen's Green to eat that I've just finished that now so I'm gonna head over to the camera shop I'm gonna have to take a look at this new camera I'm looking to buy it this weekend and I'm really excited to use it because this means that the quality of my videos and Rob's videos will go just price of the camera in that shop I'm going for the sony a7s mark ii it's just the problem is Sony there was an earthquake in Japan where one of the warehouses with all the stock was actually destroyed so worldwide stock of the sony a7s is really low so it's gonna be very difficult to get hand on a point next week but I'm just heading down to another camera shop in Dublin where I'm gonna price up there there are cameras and see how I get on see if it's more available I'll talk to you again after it yeah I think we have it and we really get it so just came back to the same place that I was that earlier eating my breakfast and I'm just gonna I up the prices of the a7 s mark 2 on Amazon I was in two different camera shops sourcing them out the second camera shop they've the lens that I want the first camera shop they don't have it in stock so they're gonna have to order it in the second camera shop they have it in stock but it's pretty pricey so I'm gonna eye it up on Amazon and then maybe just buy the lens there so I've just been thinking about that a lot and I'm about to make a decision on buying the camera I'm actually trying to rob he's over in Vegas at the minute we're gonna see if they're cheaper over there and then I chose be able to make a decision right now I'm just walking over to meet my dad coming out of work and then we are going to go to the florist to pick up a corsage anybody from the states or from different countries that doesn't know and you go through the Deb's you give your girlfriend or your partner this like this flower bracelet but they wear so we're about to go pick that up when I get home I'm probably gonna be getting ready for the devs so I'm just after picking up the corsage before my Deb's tonight I was just talking to rob he's over in Vegas and the camera shop in Grafton Street are doing a deal on drones so when he's looking to get a phantom 4 drone so I'm about to go in there and see if I can get him a better deal on that and I'll keep you guys posted okay so the last time I spoke to you I was just going into the camera shop to try get the drone for Rob or I didn't film when I came out so I'm just getting ready for my devs and hey guys so I'm just saying

13 thoughts on “Buying A New Camera, Drone & Getting Ready For My Debs!!

  1. Cool vlog man, its nice to watch a vlog where the person is in a place you are familiar with. I'm always in the camera shop when i'm in Dublin. Hope you enjoyed your debs!! Looking forward to the next vlog, keep it up. What are your plans for the next year are you going to university?

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