Build A Light Box On The Cheap, Take Gorgeous Photos!

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It doesn’t matter what you call it: light tent, light cube, light box, macro photo studio, or a mini photo studio… with some cheap supplies, a hobby knife, and a couple of lamps, you can get your DIY on -and- make some gorgeous photos!

Soft glowing surfaces, sharp details, warm tone, all thanks to the miracle of diffusion. We show you how to build one, why diffused light looks so good, and show you how it works.

Whether it’s art or just snaps of collectibles you’re gonna sell on e-bay, a low cost light box can make a major difference!

you want to make the most amazing photos ever I do cardboard duct tape a couple of old lamps and the roll of toilet paper I don't know tissue paper yeah welcome to die trying why buy one you can make I'm Patrick Norton and I'm Michael hand and we're talking here about lights or diffusing it which you actually probably could do with toilet paper if you tape the piece of toilet paper over the lens of the flash on your camera yeah but yeah that's gonna it is good but it works okay you could step up you could use the plastic from a milk jug you could way better considerably less ya know yeah awesome yeah yeah haha or or or recycling dryer laundry dryer sheets which by the way works fantastically well but photographers they either really really like shadows or really really don't like shadows yeah it depends on what you're doing if you need very dramatic like I don't cure oscuro lighting then yeah you do want Chad oohs they're necessary but if you're taking a picture of your family then you probably just want nice even there although Bob does look dramatic with half of her face in the shadow so you're actually a professionally trained photographer videographer cinematographer you've been to school you you understand ISOs what's the deal with sorry that was for my mind other things do you know those things what's the deal with with with what what's happening when I when I put something like this or an actual device in front of my light source so that's where you're diffusing the light so instead of having one single point which is very harsh creates shadows you have it spread out so in the case of photographers love when it's cloudy outside because the clouds are making it well overcast I should say the clouds are making it so that the lights diffused from the Sun so it's coming from everywhere basically the problem is you can't just call up a cloud on the Thursday afternoon when you're trying to take a picture of a minifig you want to sell on eBay no I've all seen those crufty pictures if somebody took with their cell phone and there's a harsh light and you can't see half of the thing because I'm never buying that that looks like crap yeah it also could work if you're documenting things they're trying to take pictures of small artwork or things are created or trying to sell small things because they're so small and the details are so small a little bit of shadow goes a long way towards ruining the photo yeah so what we're gonna build today is actually a light box or a light tint now this is relatively small so you can be able to fit things this big or this big or this big or this big but everything we're teaching you to here about manipulating light and playing with light will work on the larger scale so if you want to build a giant studio you technically could using these concepts yeah I mean basically if you think in your head like okay I'm watching this video and there's a photographer and there's models and what do I see I see an infinity background so it's like a large huge roll out sheet of pristine white paper in that that what they called an infinity edge is because there's no corner there there's no shadow created by the light just sort of rolls off softly in the back it's usually a large open space the white background large lights they can use diffusion on them or they can use undef' used light to make it more dramatic and heightened up the shadows but you're gonna be able to play around with diffused light which I particularly like because it gives everything sort of a warm glow it brings that detail it makes everything just sort of pop I would almost say it brings a certain sensuality to the objects eventual light I'll go with a better okay my creepier than I intended but this is really easy basically all you need is a knife a straight edge and about 20 minutes brace yourselves and think oh yeah this is pretty much a kindergarten project although most kindergarteners today would not be given a box cutter now I ran around with those all the time in kindergarten I had a pocket knife when I was five I actually want to go home and give my son a box cutter tonight it'll be great to hurt my wife says about that but basically look you know cut out a window that is smaller than your sheet of diffusion material you know you can see us getting all crazy with the duct tape here what's the number one rule of duct tape and tissue paper might help keep it away from each other until you're ready to put it on the board basically yeah unfortunately we didn't grab a video of that incident but it would have been an apps amazing blooper can I gotta say I want to give a shout-out to our sponsor audible slash DIY I've been doing a lot of projects lately where I've actually had an audio book going on in the background I'm a huge fan of William Gibson been reading him since I was a kid and it's been really interesting to listen to someone narrate it while I'm working on a project right because I don't have to look at it I just have to have my ears free and it's been really cool by the way there's a amazing version of World War Z you can get for free with your trial and support DIY try it if you go to audiobooks are cool and you can do other things while you're listening to them as far as our box we did a pretty cool hinge design where we just left a little space between the poster board so that it actually folds up nice this is the creme de la creme of 15th century leather hinge design except we're using duct tape on foam core just remember to get at least two sheets of poster board for the back ya are supposing quite long enough but we just put a little bit of the foam core and it worked fine apparently there's been a rush on school report supplies there was one piece of white poster board left in like the entire city I live in so the entire thing looks a little a little ghetto from far back but the results are pretty amazing it's so diffused isn't that amazing well you laughs right but hold your hand out here right it's obviously very well lit there's a lot of shadows and that's diffusion people and it actually works right what you're looking at right now is a picture of natural light on the model and then three lights on the model one from above two from the sides two from the sides it's actually kind of amazing the difference and it looks good with video to pan I wish we actually a giant diffuse lights in this room with us right now but the thing is you can take your newfound cheap lights and you can experiment with diffusion give me a favor do not put tissue paper in front of an incandescent bulb you'll like that that's why we went with LED in this case so that yeah you hold it with no problems at all and you're not gonna like yourself on fire what's the color temperature looks nice on these ones diffusion is the word of the week comment down below if you're on YouTube or send us tweets at die trying on Twitter yeah we've actually tell us about your projects what you're working on shares pictures send us videos die trying at is another place to get to us we'd like to hear what you want us to build because you're taking us in interesting places and thank you for going with us along the right go tell your friends share please yeah link on the top you have an effing tog refer friends they'll love this or their photographer friend that likes to build things I mean that works for this episode if they like donuts the last episode maybe not so much but that's a whole other conversation and I'm gonna stop because it's time to take pictures of small objects that look pretty let's do it I'm Patrick Norton I'm Michael hand we'll see you next week on die tryin

37 thoughts on “Build A Light Box On The Cheap, Take Gorgeous Photos!

  1. What's the size of the foam core windows they cut out and tape-hinged together? 12"? 18"? I suppose either or any size would do. I just like to know exactly what they used and tailor mine specifically. I like how they did that, though. (But yes, less chatter and "jokes" and more to the point.) But TY guys for the info!!

  2. @DIY Tryin ..Leather hinges…well they are pretty cool , my husband put them on our mailbox when the door broke off..been there for years..thanks for cool, easy, cheap solution. I made a ring light w/ daytime rope light and wax paper . Gonna try wax paper in place of the tissue paper

  3. Hi guys! Thanks for the great tips. I know you mentioned that we could/ should imagine doing it ourselves on a larger scale ourselves but I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you guys would actually create one of these light boxes on a larger scale, say the size of a mannequin that is about 6 feet tall. I am starting a import and wholesale Bohemian clothing business in NY and many of the retailers I have visited so far would like me to email them pictures of all the items as they don't have time to see my items while at the store and would prefer to see the pics at their leisure at night or downtime. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks for the great DIY videos, I have subscribed and will definitely share them with all my friends that sell online. Stay blessed…

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