Build a Camera Car Mount for CHEAP: BFX DIY

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Instead of Your FX this month, Zack shows you how to build a car rig for about $35 bucks! Tune in tomorrow for the Test Film!

Indy Mogul’s Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment. ‘Build’ episodes on Mondays and ‘Original Short’ test films on Tuesdays featuring the build.


it logo hello everyone welcome to another episode of back hair effects I know we usually have your effects on today but we figured we throw another episode at ya and today's episode is all about a car rig so okay a car rig they are on most cars in movies I mean I don't need to even name any movies because everyone knows what I'm talking about camera is on the car so what I'm going to do is show you how to build a car rig using to industrial suction cups some PVC pipe and then some nuts and bolts and how much how much we get spent bubs AK about $35 $35 let's do it power drill drill bits quarter inch bolt 5/16 bolt a washer two nuts two wing nuts a t-shape PVC pipe extra scrap PVC pipe not one but two industrial suction cups this build difficulty level is for whoa the first thing I did was drill right through the handles and suction cups then I cut two sections of PVC pipe about six inches in length then I drilled right through those after that then I took the 5/16 bolt and put them through the handle and PVC pipe and then pulled to those on tight I did this for both sides next I drilled right through the T shape and stuck the quarter-inch bolt right through with the wing nut below it and the washer on top I secured it to the camera once that's done you put it all together and bring it to the car the first thing we did with the car is wash it you want to make sure where the suction cups are going to go it's going to be clean then push down on the suction cups and fasten it down and then check to make sure it's secure once it's on there you just check your focus on your actor you hit record and drive and there you have it a car rig now I do have to do some safety stuff I mean obviously you can see us using the car rig right now and as you can see Giles is not looking at the camera well he's got sunglasses on so you can't really tell but trust me he's looking at the road not the camera and second when you're using this make sure you're doing it in a low-key slow area where there's plenty of room because you can get in trouble if you're driving out in the open road with a car rig on and you don't have a permit because not only could you be endangering yourself but you could be endangering other drivers so the cops will be kind of upset with you that's it for this episode of backyard effects if you want to see the newest episode you go to this link if you want to see you know another camera rig you can go to this one and just like always leave a comment below and I want to thank Alan for doing sound back here you know thank puppet Zack for hanging out it's not every day he gets to do stuff and then we got Clint back there as well he's helping out sometimes um alright see you guys next week

34 thoughts on “Build a Camera Car Mount for CHEAP: BFX DIY

  1. Absolutely brilliant solution. How does it hold up on rough roads? Also, you might consider feeding a bungee cord through the T section and connect it to the two suction cup handles just in case one of the cups lets go. You might lose part of your rig or worse your camera otherwise. Just my thoughts.

  2. What about running some sort of a belt through the hollow tubing and have it clamp onto both sides of the car's hood, just for the sake of safety? If the suction  cups fail the whole contraption will be held in place, and you will save both your camera AND the legs of the unfortunate pedestrians who may be passing by…

  3. I would put a bolt or sheet metal screw attaching the T camera mount to the straight pvc in case one of the suction fails. Your camera wont slip off etc.

  4. How did you get great sound in the car without wind or outside noises. alo, the size of the pipes would be sweet, but Big thank you, this will help me alot in my short movie

  5. I don't recommend using Rain-X on your windshield for shots like this. It leaves a silicone-based film on the glass that's not 100% optically clear. Standard glass cleaner and newspaper would work better.

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