Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k Cheap Lens

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k Cheap Lens
BMPCC4K Cheap Lens
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k Best Lens
Helios 44-2 Oval Bokeh

so in today's video we're gonna be talking about the Helios 40 for the $50 lens that I use previously on the pocket 4k so the first thing that I'm gonna talk about is the amount of this lens now this lens has a m4 to mount so you're gonna have to get an adapter so you can use it on the pocket 4k I am using an m4 2 to EF mount and then I'm using that with the EF speed booster that I have with the pocket 4k but if you want you can just use a dumb m4 tootle Micro Four Thirds mount that you can get on Amazon and just plug it straight into the pocket for ok if you don't have a speed booster so the front thread is lens is 49 mil so for me I'm using a 49 to 52 mil step-up ring because I do have some 52 mil i R&D filters that I am using with it you can pretty much step up and step down this lens to anything you want because it has standard 49 milk front thread so this lens is manual focus and manual aperture and it features a preset aperture which i think is pretty cool basically you can preset to an aperture and then move the aperture ring to that aperture so for example what I'm showing you was a made-up reset on the lens to only be able to change the aperture to F 2.0 so I rotate the top ring to F 2.0 and change the actual aperture to F 2.0 and as you can see I can't move it anymore it is locked to that aperture at first it is a little bit confusing but you kind of get used to using this aperture ring so the Helios I used a couple of days ago was modded to have an oval bokeh and you guys probably saw that quite a bit when watching the video that I had uploaded but pretty much some money on eBay just made a custom oval bokeh and put it inside the lens this mod is reversible you just open the lens and take it out if you don't want the oval bokeh but this lens is cheap enough just to keep an oval bokeh and a regular one so you don't have to keep switching it in and out so one of the reason why I got the modded version of the Helios with okay this kind of simulates the bokeh of an anamorphic lens it's kind of like an atom or fake look obviously there's no lens flaring that you would with a normal anamorphic but it does give you that oval bokeh the only way you'll see the Helios 44 to go around $40 to maybe $100 like I said mine was modded so it was about 70 bucks but there's just a couple of things you have to watch out for the lenses that you're gonna get depending on how cheap you're buying these lenses are gonna be kind of crappy you know I bought I bought about to regular Helios is already and they've crapped out on me so when trying to buy these lenses just make sure that you read a description real well and you ask a lot of questions because it's a vintage lens that means there's probably not a lot of good perfect mint condition of these lenses anymore alright so that's pretty much it guys if you have any questions like always let me know and I'll see you guys later

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  1. Great vids man! Informative and insiteful…Chronicles of the bmpcc4k life experiences. Idk who recommended I buy a Helios 44 2 years ago but sure glad I listened. One of the most exciting caveats about living thru this digital revolution is combining old and new tech to create a synthetic new hybrid….(old glass + new cams= infinite possibilities) and with a focal reducer/booster…the sensor comes alive. I only wish there was a way to declick the Helios aperture for smoother exposures in varying light conditions. (any mod hacks?) Need to experiment more with my bmp4k to see if the lens flares are still possible on Helios….but…wow…love this combo. Makes it like a 73.5mm…i also recommend the Nokton f.095 25mm mft and even Fujinon f1.8 55mm (same m42 screw mount as Helios) for another vintage cheap option. The bmp4k def worth the hype imo.

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