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Here’s a quick look on the Zhiyun Crane, which is a DSLR Stabilizer.

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Hey, what's up guys, welcome to another episode of film making and camera gears in this episode? We [are] going to talk about some stabilizers Well camera [Kimball's] have become quite popular all over the past couple of years Because they offer an easy way to capture smooth and most importantly steady Tracking shots and [a] [zoom] crane is one of the most affordable gimbal you can find in the market The Crane is basically a [3-Axis] handheld gimbal that is designed for small DsLRs and mirrorless cameras and even action cams it can have a camera with a weight of up to 1.2 kilograms so cameras like the A7s2 Panasonic Gh4 blackmagic Micro can easily be mounted on the gimbal Now the setup process is pretty simple as well You get the mounting screws to mount the cameras on it and even though the gimbals work electronically It needs to be balanced first to stabilize the camera properly now one nifty addition here Is that it has 1/4 inch screw thread at the bottom such that it can be mounted on a tripod? This makes it easy to balance before the actual shot and also add an extra level of stabilization Moving on the controls are pretty [straightforward] as well You have a dedicated on and off button and a shift lever at the sides and a joystick [to] control the gimbal You can easily adjust tilt a roll and pan angle to create some great-looking shots And it's a plus that all three axis can be rotated in a 360 degrees. So you're not limited to camera movement during the shot Now more interestingly it also comes with its own mobile app to remotely control the gimbal in real time The app comes in very handy to calibrate the gimbal as well as control the gimbal in all three [axis] remotely The Gimbal is powered by two batteries which lasts for around 2 hours and the good thing is with its modular design and provided box It makes it very easy to carry around with the gimbal while traveling Now even though compact hand-out gimbals like the crane are quite useful [for] a lot of reasons. They also have their limitations We cannot mount other gears on to it like Microphones or monitors do weight and size limit now second although most of the [fridges] look steady and smooth Vibration is sometimes visible on the footage when moving the gimbal very fast Now keeping this nitpicking aside overall the crane performs really well You can be creative with the shots using this gimbal All in all it's a great piece of addition to your camera gear and if you want some dramatic as well as smooth tracking shots This is very useful do check out the links in the description to know more about the gimbal and get one for [yourself] So that is it for this video guys. I hope you found it useful [I] will be coming up with the next episode with [some] useful gears pretty soon now stay tuned for that and as always Thanks for watching and you guys have a great day

39 thoughts on “Affordable Filmmaking / Camera Gears – DSLR Gimbal

  1. A lot of you tech review channels need to stop using the word "affordable". If the ACCESSORY cost more than the item it is useless without (in this case, being more expensive than most decent cameras), then that is not affordable. An accessory that can't even be used without the camera, should not cost more than the freaking camera. If you can't learn what affordable means, please stop using the damn work.

  2. Affordability is always relative – in this case, it is affordable compared to it's competitors. Also, for some people that clearly didn't watch, he does post the price in the video, and he credits the other filmmakers for using their footage. Ignorance is bliss though, I suppose.

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