Aerial Suveillance Drone with Night Vision Camera — OFM ASD650

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its about time you get your personal Aerial Surveillance Drone with day and night vision camera. Introducing, carefully designed and setup, OFM ASD-650, your personal aerial filming drone that comes pre equipped with goodies you will find very handy. Now offering day and night vision live video, HD recording and High Resolution pictures at the same time, a good flight endurance using single battery, Sweet sounding quiet flights, and a good control range, OFM ASD650 will become you daily personal Aerial surveillance drone for daily surveillance, search and rescue and other professional missions.

We can add full autonomous flight system and capabilities, 2 to 4km range and full live flight data telemetry on demand if you need it. Just ask when ordering your personal ASD650 and customize it as per your requirement.

Enjoy this video of OFM ASD-650 that will show you just a few applications of this superb flying machine in daily life. Of course possibilities are endless.

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20 thoughts on “Aerial Suveillance Drone with Night Vision Camera — OFM ASD650

  1. Ok, love flying my drones, I use common sense, never fly over people, keep line of sight, guestion? WHAT THE FK ARE YOU PEOPLE AFRAID OF AND WHAT ARE YOU HIDING. because I’m not getting rid of my HOBBY. So get your head out your asses! Thank you

  2. Can someone tell me why my backyard is covered with anywhere from 15-26 of these things every single night? And they sit perfectly still. And also where have all the stars gone? I can’t find one single star in the sky for 4 weeks now!!

  3. please change your video title.. there is no night vision camera on this drone… I think you need to look into what night vison cameras are my friend..  nice copter though….. infared camera's are usually true night vision as they can see in pitch dark without any light source. they see where you cannot..

  4. OK, Check this out!! Its illegal to fly at night, Its illegal to fly over groups of people, Its illegal to fly above 400 feet!!! This video is horrible and sends a lot of bad messages!!!

  5. Hello my name is Roberto from Mexico .
    I would like to get a Drone ,especially for surveillance, I have a family in south of Mexico, they live in a village and sometimes some people have invaded their property.
    I am looking for something with night vision or just with good light , I am very interesting in the drone that appears in the video but just I want to add the night vision or light.

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