AEF NADC EAGLE CAM: 25 MAR 2019 – A Visitor Learns a Lesson

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From the Bald Eagle nest of Mr. President and The First Lady located at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C.

A new visitor spends several hours coming and going from the nest on March 25, 2019. Much of that time is spent with Mr. President, who tends to be very tolerant of visitors. Unfortunately for the visitor, the same cannot be said about The First Lady. She has perfected the Divebomb technique for ushering away unwanted guests and the visitor gets to experience it, up close and personal.

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41 thoughts on “AEF NADC EAGLE CAM: 25 MAR 2019 – A Visitor Learns a Lesson

  1. That is so funny that Mr. P noticed the moved stick and put it back where it belonged. I am surprised he even allowed the visitor to stay in the nest at all.

  2. LMAOOOO! It's crazy how she knows exactly who is who and how Mr p knew what his woman was about to do lol

    And wow, whomever controls the camera must have been glued to it this day!

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  4. It wasn’t the other ladies fault. She didn’t know he was already taken 🥺And guess what 🤔… the MIGHTY Mr. P never told her either… so 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Whose to blame FOR REAL here 🤨🧐
    Can’t blame a girl for tryin’. He sure as heck wasn’t saying. Probs wanted a “side girl”. You mess with an eagles main squeeze though, you’ll get the talons every time 🦅
    But in all honesty and seriousness, Mr.P SHOULD have said something to his lady friend abt TFL 🙄🤕
    Dumb move man. You’re gonna get ppl killed dude. Not cool 👎🏼

  5. Its abuse, harassment, ignorance and arrogance, having a BRIGHT stinking light at night on these beautiful birds!!! I would actually LOVE to see these people going to bed with a huge spot light on them.

  6. Mr. M. told the visitor do not move the sticks that organizes is my wife, you do not know who you get with. She was trained by the United States Air Force and as a good soldier she defends her territory

  7. How does TFL not think that maybe The President was having an affair with the visitor? This could have been The Clintons, the bald eagle version 😁😁😁

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