24 Hours of Lemons – Episode 1 Buying the car

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Zach has been researching for months to find a car near the price point of $500. He is hoping to sell the interior and use those proceeds to get us the parts we need and in the price range we are allowed. Here is the best he found…a true lemon! BTW – I apologize for the microphone malfunction. Ugh!

all right Zach with him here why don't you explain your silence Kari we're turning your beloved Honda del Sol there's seven pages of this you gotta buy a $700 car and put a roll cage and a harness and a safety all the stuff and then you race it on actual racetracks for like two days and the whole point is to like not destroy the car really and to finish the race and finish tree so move stops here Zach let me get the door for you door handle the exhaust rattles because it's straight pipe that's why I got some of that around I've been meaning to just tight now it's needs to be can't just bail it's a beater dude it's a beater to get around in you know I'm not I'm not afraid of solar now that's how we actually if we need to you guys never mess they're all hot as the board so for a novice you should be able to figure this out it's like okay literally there's a lot of about six bolts pull the motor in it Oh see you know that's two to two okay one more three three three to two team how would you like to be part me actually No you know you're tall Bill Gates is given deep rundown this needs to be a group decision because when this thing craps out I don't want you guys pointing in the fingers of me

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