$15 1080p Sports Action Camera Review

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This is the cheapest action camera on the market buy one here

there's just going to be a quick review on this HD 1080p sports action camera I bought off eBay I paid about 15 USD which at the time was the cheapest sports action camera you could find on any website including Aliexpress etc it comes with a waterproof housing clip one handlebar and pole mount mount one mount two and mount free and here's the specifications on the back you can pause the video and read these for yourself as you can see there that says it records 1080p at 30 frames per second and h.264 that is actually a lie it will only record 720p at 30 frames per second and M JPEG format avi so those specs on the back are alive also the 1080p mode on the camera just does a higher bitrate but it is still only 720p as you can um edge you'll see later on in the video samples at the end of this video the 720p mode has just been cropped from the 640 x 480 mode so it is just upscaling the video so you're best off just putting it into VGA 640 x 480 mode and forgetting about recording your number 720p mode is it's not real 720p and here's the other side of the box yeah so let's go ahead and um take a look at the camera I've already taken it out of the box and here's the camera itself nice looking camera there's the LCD screen on the back is the waterproof housing and here's the as you can see that's the handlebar mount the USB cable the sticky back mount roof tripod mount you got the straps etc and the instruction manual if you've used the GoPro when you have a camera is similar to go pro or SJ cams etc you probably won't even need to read this some instruction manual as most of these cameras operations are exactly the same so that's what you get in the box and for only $15 that is a really good bargain as all these mounts etc usually sell for about $15 on their own so basically you could just get this for the mounts that come with it and use them with a GoPro or an SJ cam or something like that yeah that's pretty good biting for those and now here's the camera itself yeah the only thing that i'm IA trouble with when i first got this camera is as you can see it says to i'm slide across and then there's an arrow here if you can see that pointing down so what I thought you were supposed to do is um push that to the side and push it push this down when you've got the clip pushed to that side but in fact you push this clip up and on it's very hard to do one handedly push this up and then yeah and it's very hard to do one hand with one hand push this and then you pull it up pushed it push this little lever to the side and then pull that up then you can take the camera out of waterproof housing and here's the camera does have a protective thing covering the LCD screen but I decided to leave that on as if it's anything like my other camera the screen is very very prone to getting scratches very easily so I decided to leave the screen protector on as you can see there's the SD card slot there's the USB for charging and I think this is for USB data transfer I'm not sure because when I plug this cord into the camera and plug it into my computer it just seems to UM charge the camera it doesn't seem to connect to my computer so I'm not sure what this is actually for could be you could plug an external microphone into it maybe I'm not sure I haven't tested it and there's the slide buttons to navigate through the menu there's the okay slash record button and there's the power button so I'll go here and power on the camera now all that also the mode button so now I'm in the video recording mode as you can see there now I'm go ahead and switch it into the arm photo mode you've got your photo mode since I've got an 8 gig SD card in here that says it can take two two two two eight seven six photos if you can Kimbrel focus you can read that now I'll go into the menu and show you the menu setup up that some video playback mode now go into the settings we've got your resolution your time stamp your motion detection your loop recording you can actually use this as a dashcam if you wanted to in your car it will record um we'll go have a look at a look at the resolutions first you've got your 1080p or 720p into VGA other states it before at the start of this video you should only use the VGA mode as the other two modes I just cropped from the VGA mode and upscale so there's no point using the other modes you've got your time stamp if you want to have the time and date on your video you can over choose that to have that on or off I usually have it off but it is a nice feature say if you're recording like video where you need to know what the time and day you were recording it so that's actually a very handy feature motion detection you can leave this camera and unlike a desk or something and all start recording when it detects motion and you can choose how high the motion is low high so if somebody runs past it when you have it set to high it walk off but if you have it on low it probably won't go off I mean not go off sorry I mean record start recording your video you've got your loop recordings you can over choose one minute three minutes and five minutes so we'll call so we'll record one minute segment or video or record three minutes or five minutes segment of video you've got your voice record so you can have it on or off um this is just so you can like um have our audio recording on your video you got your evey I always have it set to negative / one three because um if you have it set to zero zero and bright lighting conditions like in a sunny day it seems to make the video a little bit too bright so you're best off setting it to negative 1/3 you've got your capture mode just as to choose if you want to take um two photos every second five photo 30 second and 10 photo 30 second so this could be useful for arm what do you call it time-lapse photography but I have it set to single as the photo quality on this camera is not very good as you'll see in the UM sample pictures at the end of this video you've got your resolution it says 3 megapixels of 1.3 the center in this camera is only a 1.3 megapixel sensor so there's no point sitting at the 3 megapixels it will just upscale your photos there's no point doing that you have got your delete so you can delete files off your camera off the camera you got lock and unlock so you can lock um some files on the camera so the camera will not delete them which is a good feature in case you accidentally um delete something this will prevent you from accidentally deleting something you've got your volume for the built-in speaker you've got your format so you can format the SD card in the camera that's um your best to do that format that gum SD card in the camera not on your computer as the SD card will work a lot better if it's been formatted in the camera I have found also this camera will only work with from class 6 or higher SD card it will work with class 4 SD cards but sometimes the video can be a little bit laggy or freeze for split seconds sometimes so I'd recommend class 6 or higher you've got your languages these are the languages it supports as you can see it supports quite a few different languages there but I'll set it to English auto off means if the camera hasn't been used or is not recording at this time it will automatically switch off you got your five minutes your three minutes and your one minute and you're off you've got your LCD off when the LCD screen will turn off I usually have it set to one minute and you've got your system reset that will receive all the settings back to factory default settings you've got your light frequency if you live in our pal region country you're best to set it to 50 Hertz if you live in like the US or Canada your arm should set it to 60 Hertz you've got your date input where you can change the date and time settings which I haven't bothered to do so as I don't use that feature hold on sorry I just click the wrong button and you've got your version so as you can see I've got the CTV version 2 point 8 underscore 2015 1 1 1 8 R is version 2.8 now that's all the settings in the camera so go ahead and um show you the sample videos and photos that I've taken with this camera note I did actually take this camera to the beach and take some videos and photos but I accidentally formatted the SD card inside the camera so I lost those footage so I've just quickly taken a few um videos and photos outside of my house in my backyard so yeah thanks for watching and linked will be in the description below of where you can purchase this camera would I recommend this camera yes I'd recommend it for the price if you just want to check waterproof camera you can take to the beach yeah so that's my review of the some camera stay tuned for the UM sample pictures and videos and have a good day so that was just a waterproof test I quickly did so now I'm going to wipe off the camera and I'm going to take the camera out now and see how well it survived underwater I forgot any water inside the casing hold I'm going to put the camera down for a second and as I can see the camera is completely water you you you you

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  1. FUCK i just bought a CRAP MOTHERFOKIN action cam SAYS 12MP ?? says 1080p

    output on my pc says its really only 720p but even that looks pretty S>H>I>T

    OW NOW WAHT ?????

    only thing its good for is waterproof wich works lol

    but fuk fuk fukkkKKKKKKkkkkkKKK?????






  2. I love how there are 800 reviews of this thing on YouTube and not one of you have enough sense to actually show us how it works in action. You just go through the settings. It’s like doing a review of a car but not actually driving it. “Well the windows are nice and see through, and the steering wheel is definitely there… alright yeah overall I’d say it’s a good car for the price.” See my point?

  3. The problem with those cameras is that they are old hardware with new software. They upscale images to higher resolutions, spending battery to do that, making a bigger files while not improving the quality at all. When they say it's a 4K camera, it tends to be a 1080p camera, when they say it's 1080p it's a 720p… It should be forbidden to do that, since they are clearly lying. The worse thing is that we make some movies, spend our time to do everything, and it takes some time to discover the scam, since we are not video annalists and have no experience. I would gladly pay 20 dollars for a competent HD camera, but it's really sad when in fact it is a bad Full HD camera.

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