10 Tips For Successfully Photographing an Indian Wedding

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Indian weddings are a fast-growing segment of the overall wedding market across the nation. With multiple days of celebrations and rituals, it’s an experience unlike any other. Successfully documenting the festivities through your lens takes unique preparation, and a well-rounded understanding of the culture as well. Learn 10 helpful tips on how to successfully capture an Indian/fusion celebration. The presentation will cover the following topics:

– Understanding Rituals & Celebrations
– Managing Client (and Family!) Expectations
– Getting the Shots You Want
– Blending East & West
– Understanding Timelines
– Preparing for Long Days
– Working with Multiple Photographers
– Effective Lighting Techniques
– Handling with Massive Post-Production

11 thoughts on “10 Tips For Successfully Photographing an Indian Wedding

  1. Hi Binita, that was awsome presentation. Learnt a lot fromit. I have one doubt… at the light techniques part, you said you will set up 2 off light flashes on either side of the mandap, my doubt is do you use any diffusers on the off camera flashes or you just flash the lights directly. May be directly as the power is 1/64 i assume.

  2. This is what a wedding for an couple of Indian descent will typically look like in the United States. I know there are a lot of critiques in here on it being generalized to all weddings around the world but this is a great video introduction for beginners and even helpful for professionals looking to learn another photographers approach. Nobody is perfectly inclusive of all possible social contexts, that's very hard. Personally, I respect her willing to share her knowledge and help others learn.

    She certainly helped me 🙂

  3. I guess she's talking about Indian people wedding in western style.  Because what she's talking about is not Indian wedding, by the way there is no such a thing called Indian wedding anyway. If you are Indian you understand what I am talking about.

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